Different Water Sports to Try at St Thomas

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1. Different Water Sports to Try at St Thomas 2. Introduction Young tourists love the concept of water sports. It is quite challenging as well as harmless. The U.S. Virgin Islands is a beautiful place on the Caribbean Sea where one can get different water sport option. 3. Fishing US Virgin Islands provides the facilities of fishing for the people who love to fish and carry on small trips. Tourists can catch fish and if they want, they can participate in fishing competition. 4. Sailing & Boating This is perfect for those who want to enjoy a calming and relaxing holiday and wish to experience excitement with caution. You can choose glass bottom boat trips or luxury yacht that comes with full crew. Even a small powerboat can be rented to explore everything. 5. Scuba Diving Diving in the water around St Thomas is one of the most beautiful experiences of life. People can explore the underwater coral world, tropical fishes, shipwrecks and lot more. The all inclusive resorts in St Thomas provide all kinds of equipment needed snorkelling and scuba diving. 6. Wave Runners & Jet Skis This is the perfect option for those who enjoy the speed, sand and surf. Tourists can even opt for board sports like wake boards, boogie boards, surfboards, etc. 7. Parasailing Parasailing can be an exhilarating experience as you will be able to devour the beautiful and spectacular island view by soaring from above. 8. Thank You http://virgin-islands-hotels.com/


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