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How can you use storytelling to sell your product or service on mobile. The small screen size make story telling challenging, and is the user behaviour on mobile makes it even harder. But is it worth exploring? This presentation answers the most important of these questions, and focusses on the travel and tourism industry


  • 1. Storytelling on mobile for travel & tourism Tine Thygesen
  • 2. First a quick intro. Im Tine Thygesen (@tahitahi) from We build a travel community where people make and share their own travel guides. Used in 135 countries Weve created 70+ tourism apps, so we know about app strategy, marketing & development
  • 3. First thing to consider: Different mobile platforms equal different behavior Mobile web Tablet Smartphone Research, Information Commercial transactions On-the-go Action, now Find, share, check Inspiration Photos, video Leisure, own time
  • 4. These are most common travel activities Website Tablet Smartphone 88% 48% 78% research a trip watch travel videos look up maps or directions Source:
  • 5. The best platform depends on your goal Awareness Social spread Only works if indirect User Generated Content Better on Mobile Web Loyalty Information, problem solving Useful Convert visits into fans Better on Apps Vs
  • 6. Regardless of what you choose Ads dont work the way they used to People are skilled at ignoring marketing and rarely change their mind.
  • 7. Facts are not enough People want stories...
  • 8. Happy family feeling While actually trying to sell more Coca Cola
  • 9. Tell a story that lets people join an exclusive crowd... Moleskine: cult notebooks used by Picasso and Hemingway (but actually invented in 1997)
  • 10. Sell something money cant buy Such as family closeness and legacy You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation
  • 11. We can use travelers experiences to tell a story. Turtle selfie on Visit Australias Instagram got Source: Tell 61K your own story
  • 12. Or wrap content in an exclusive veil, using words secret or insider
  • 13. Amazing images tell stories
  • 14. We can use the local concept to make people feel like a traveler, not a tourist Airbnbs Belong Anywhere story
  • 15. Use cuteness to tell a story that portrays you as warm & cuddly KLM Lost and Found Dog video got got 12m views. There is no actual lost & found dog, but thats not the point. The point is the story and the feeling it gave you watching. (Watch it, its cute:
  • 16. To make sure the story hits the spot we can target a specific tribe
  • 17. For added trust, aggregate content from others, rather than writing it
  • 18. Denmark.)Mobile)Devices)2011)by)TNS)Gallup Getting visitors to share their stories (and generate awareness for you) Emotions which trigger to get people to share: -Achievement -Pride -Truly helpful -Self image Increasingly people prefer to share specifically within groups with same interest/community
  • 19. Quick ways to facilitate visual stories from users Pull Instagram feed, such as #amsterdam into your apps and webpages. This provides the sites with dynamic and trusted content Instagram #takeover. Have a well-known person within your field take over your instagram account for a week.
  • 20. Content strategies for mobile differs from web. The key words here are not unique and quality. They are timing & relevance .
  • 21. Timing + relevance = context Context matters because when we are hungry, tired, angry, bored or cold, we dont care about anything else
  • 22. Put content into context 1. #1 is location (whats the best restaurant near me) 2. Time of day. At noon people want cafes, at 3am kebab joints. 3. Weather. In rain people want indoor activities, in 35C they want the beach.
  • 23. Contextual on web is all about Google People search for Location + desired activity. - Its a SEO game: include tags, keywords and addresses - Everything must be optimized for mobile - Google+ content will show first for businesses
  • 24. Context on app Apps gives you the chance to use offline content. They even enable offline maps. Thats why they are important in travel marketing.
  • 25. Apps enable Geo triggers Your app can notify travelers when they are near places they want to see. You can set rules for what is shown to the consumer, based on when get near particular spots
  • 26. Summary People use the mobile for practical, I-need-this- right-now purposes. But if we: - Use great images, - Use trusted content from visitors - Tell a story, rather than selling - Aim for specific groups, Then we can make dreams come true
  • 27. Tine Thygesen Thank you! More mobile learning or email
  • 28. Images and credits Page 1. Hot air balloons - Signature of Asia Page 5. Loyalty vs Awareness Page 6. Shibuya crowd: Page 8. Coca Cola Page 9. Moleskine: Anja Mulder / Page 10. Patek Philippe, Page 11. Visit Australia, Page 12. Inspired by Iceland, Page 13. Inspired by Iceland, Page 14. Airbnb, Page 15. KLM Page 16. Visit Florida Page 17. Ljubljana Tourism: Page 18. Spreng Ben / Page 21. Page 26. Page 27.