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Presentation about Ecotourism in Estonia for tourism students studying at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur of Switzerland

Text of Ecotourism Estonia

  • 1.Ecotourism in Estonia 7 of June 2010Aivar Ruukel

2. - Organization - Quality Label - Products - Marketing - Collaboration 3. Estonia on the map 4. Soomaa - Capital of Estonian Wilderness 5. Estonian Ecotourism Association Non-governmental, non-profit, membership organization Since 1996 Our mission promote development of ecotourism Our activities Seminars, Trainings, Conferences, Fairs Plans, strategies, action plans at national, regional andlocal levels Ecotourism labelling process 6. Estonian Ecotourism Quality Label Established in 2000 Renewed in 2006 Sister-label for Natures Best label of Swedish Ecotourism 7. Quality Labels Criterias Criterias:1. Respect carrying capacity2. Support local economy3. Environmental business practice4. Support conservation of nature and culture5. Responsibility, education and respect6. Safety and quality 8. Why labelling? makes it easier for customer to find you makes it easier for you to reach your customers answers important questions about your way of operating becomes an image and marketing tool creates a network of ecotourism operators 9. What can be labelled? Estonia the Natural Way is a product label for nature and culture tourism Operators/providers are not labeled Both products and operators should meet criterias Labeled product allways belong to approved ecotourism operator There is no need for operator to label all his/her products 10. Who is labelling? EHE-label certification board consist of : Estonaina Ecotourism Association Estonian Rural Tourism Estonian Tourist Board Estonian Fund for Nature Village Association Kodukant 11. 1. Respect the limitations of the destination minimize negative impact on nature and culture 12. 2. Support the local economy 13. 3. Make all operations environmentally sustainable 14. 4. Active contribution to conservation 15. 5. Promote the joy of discovery, knowledge and respect 16. 6. Quality and safety all the way through 17. Ecotourism Cluster Since 2008 15 local businesses Quality Trainings Study visits Joint marketing Sharing resources ... 18. Sea Kayaking 19. Canoeing on Rivers Sea Kayaking 20. Seal Watch Tours 21. Historic Ships Peipsi Barge 22. Historic Ships Vrtsjrv Kale 23. Dugout-Canoe Building 24. Brown Bear Photography Photo Arne Ader 25. Beaver Safari 26. Wildlife Tracking 27. Snow shoeing 28. Bog Walking 29. Botanical Tours 30. Trip Skating on the Sea Ice 31. Kick-spark trips onfrozen rivers 32. Using Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Networking in Groups Collaborative Content Creation Conversation Marketing Online 33. Sharing Travel Photos and Emotions Flickr Group - Ecotourism Estonia 34. Sharing Videos and Experiences Youtube Group - Ecotourism Estonia 35. Estonian Ecotourism Fan Group on Facebook- sharing information and content 36. Twitter Targeted Conversations Online 37. Wikis 38. European Conference 2010 39. TIES 40. Estonian University of Life Sciences 41. Thank You!