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Outdoor Adventure is a residential outdoor activity centre set on the cliff tops of North Cornwall. We offer Family Activity Holidays, Residential School Trips, Stag Activity weekends, Hen Activity Weekends and daily Surfing Lessons and Coasteering in Cornwall.


  • 1. Prefer choosing the wonderful days of enjoying trip Definitely, everybody in this world will think off to spend their leisure and a holiday period of time in the way of finding a holiday trip. No one can deny this statement. That too, mostly ordinary trips will not be liked by the people. So a family will be enjoyable, if they choose a vacation trip which includes a lots and lots of interesting activities. This will give them a refreshment to get relieved from their boring and disinterested routine tasks. This type of holiday trip is one of the safest and also a trip which consists of a lot of activities which make the tourists happy and joyful. Get catered: So,Family activity holidayswill cater to the needs and expectations of the particular family and even to the individuals too. In simple words, this is a type of holiday trip which includes plentiful types of different activities. It can be an alternate to the trips which trap the individuals to sit idle on the home itself. This holiday trip consists of a plenty activities like sailing, biking, surfing in the sea, trekking on the mountains, etc. As all these and much more activities are involved here in this type, it will remain as a memorable and an unforgettable holiday trip for you and even to your beloved family. There are a lots and lots of advantages involved in this type of holidays. Most importantly you and your family are allowed to experience any sorts of things which you and your family desire. You are left free and you are supposed to do any sorts of activities
  • 2. including your family, but definitely under a strict and a secured surveillance of the dealers of the holiday trip. Prefer these days: As it consists of a lot of fun filled activities, it will turn to be a definitely interesting holiday. This type of holiday will help the individual to experience a joyful circumstance along with your dearest family. It will be a place which can definitely reduce your stress due to your work and most importantly to your family too. All the activities included will make you feel an excited and a thrill environment around you which will never become boring to you and your family at all. It will remain as a new experience for you which you have never enjoyed before. So in all these ways, these types of holidays especially the Family activity holidays will help you experience a delightful environment around you. This is the reason for which you have to select this type of holiday which helps you to experience a lots and lots of advantages. But, there are a certain lots of things which you have to consider before you can enjoy your trip. And most importantly you have to book that trip a long period before, as it will remain as a big advantage of yours. Turn looking various aspects before you indulge in making a trip so. Visit : Outdoor Adventure Ltd. Atlantic Court, Widemouth Bay,Bude, Cornwall EX23 0DF Telephone Numbers Telephone: 01288 362900 (out-of-hours answering machine) Fax: 01288 361153 Email