Famous Vegetarians & Vegans

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  • 1.Notable Non-Meat Eaters
    A Collection of PETAs Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities
    By: Kerstein Perez

2. Russell Brand
This edgy actor has a soft spot for animals. He has been a vegetarian since age 14.
3. Kristen Wiig
This busy comedian and actress enjoys a diet full of soy and tofu.
4. Leona Lewis
Not only does this singer not eat meat, she doesnt own any animal products either.
5. Olivia Wilde
The actress is vegan because it makes her feel more energetic.
6. Carrie Underwood
She wore a V is for Vegetarian shirt on American Idol.
7. Prince
This rock star chooses not to eat anything with parents.
8. Chris Martin
This musician is passing down his lifestyle to his children, even getting them vegan birthday cakes.
9. Natalie Portman
The actress been a strict vegetarian since the age of 8 , by avoiding meat, gelatin and all animal products.
10. Slideshow created from list compiled by PETA:
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