Fun facts about everest base camp trekking,annapurna base camp, circuit trek

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Text of Fun facts about everest base camp trekking,annapurna base camp, circuit trek

  • If you have interests on trekking and contemplate to embark on trekking then the Everest

    base camp trekking is the beautiful and popular trekking trail, worth mentioning. Mt

    Everest is located at an elevation of more than 8800 m and it is challenging for the trekking

    community to conquer such great heights. Many trekkers pursue the Everest base camp

    trekking as they consider it as an achievement. The trekking trail consists of forests,

    waterfalls, valleys, rivers. The trail is surrounded by majestic peaks. The trekking trail is full

    of risks, few dare to trek, and therefore only the experienced climbers go for the trekking.

  • The Himalayan trekking offers the trekkers, spectacular mountain views, variety of flora,

    fauna. The best time for the trekking is the autumn or the spring season. It is at this time of

    the year when the weather is warm and pleasant. During the trek, the trekkers have to live on

    nuts, dried fruits. It is important for the trekkers to bring the food items from their home.

    Though different trekking agencies have different starting and finishing points. Some have

    the starting and finishing point Kathmandu.

    The itinerary (trekking to the Everest base camp, to and from Kathmandu) is provided in the

    trekking websites, facilitating those interested in trekking activities to stay updated about the

    latest trekking information. There are other facets of camp trekking websites, checking tour

    costs, availability, that the prospective trekkers can check online whenever required.

  • The Annapurna base camp trek is a popular trek destination for the national and international

    tourists. The trekking trail is characterized by beautiful villages, cascading waterfalls, terraced

    farmlands, rhododendron forests, mountain vistas. The trekking period varies and mostly

    depends on the climatic conditions. The various businesses maintain websites where the

    trekking services, trekking package cost, itinerary are mentioned for customer reference.

  • The Annapurna circuit trek within the Annapurna mountain ranges is popular for trekking

    activities. Situated in Central Nepal, it has been voted as the best long distance trek in the

    world. The trekkers need to start from Kathmandu, they have a stop over at Pokhara before

    they reach the capital. The trail is challenging as it comprises of wooden bridges, river

    crossings. The Annapurna circuit can be trekked all the year round including the monsoon


    If you are interested in trekking to different trekking trails, there are websites where

    information about these trails is provided. This information includes the cost of trekking

    package, the itinerary, and other the trekking requirements.