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<ul><li><p>Holiday in Australia: Explore Perth </p><p>Planning a travel trip to Western Australia?Definitely you should begin your trip in the </p><p>states capital city, Perth. Passionate, modern and chic Perth will leave you craving </p><p>more of this stunning city on your Australian holiday. </p><p>Beach, bars, pubs and lifestyle-Perth combines all the best qualities that Australian </p><p>cities have to offer.From a sunset drink on Cottlesloe Beach, live music in inner-</p><p>cityenclavesor a cruise down the Swan River you can embrace with Perths relaxed </p><p>magic all around.Combining Perth with a journey to the Monkey Mia, Pinnacles or the </p><p>goldfields and beaches of the state's south-west, this amazing city on the land of </p><p>Australia is a hub of activity, modern chic and elegant style, but has got a little pricey </p><p>over the last few years. </p><p>Although Perth may not have the Harbour Bridge and Iconic Opera House, the city </p><p>makes a great starting point to explore the vast state of Western Australia home </p><p>toworld-class wineries, incredible marine life and dramatic natural scenery. The city has </p><p>developed into a clean, easily accessible, friendly and beautiful city right on the </p><p>ocean.Various tourist attraction places are here to explore. You can check out the </p><p>places and explore Perth in a better way: </p><p>Kings Park and Botanic Garden: After spending a day around the city, you can get on </p><p>the free Cat bus available here and reach the Kings Park and Botanic Garden which </p><p>covers of an area of 990 acres with its landscaped bush lands and gardens. An </p><p>impressive view of the city and river can be viewedfrom here and a walk through the </p><p>eucalyptus tree canopy can also be enjoyed. Even the native habitat and rich bird life </p><p>can also be explored. With a dazzling display of wildflowers in spring and showcasing of </p><p>1,700 unique native species the annual Kings Park Festival is celebrated here in </p><p>September.The park also organizes many music and theatre events which can be </p><p>enjoyed at the same time. </p><p>Swan River: It is a believe among the local aboriginals that the rainbow serpent, </p><p>"Waugal" have created this winding river. Visitors from various places can picnic in the </p><p>riverside parks,hike or bike along the many trails,sail,swim or cast a fishing line </p><p>considering the place perfect for outdoor fun.Inorder to have a view the riverfront </p><p>suburbs posh houses, you can board a relaxing river cruise between the historic port of </p><p>Fremantle and Perth. A day trip to the fertile shores of Swan valley which is Western </p><p>Australias grape growing region is also popular.Artisan foods and fresh local foods can </p><p>be found at the high acclaimed restaurants available here and from the Barrack Square </p><p>Jetty you can also witness various ferries and river cruises sail. </p><p>Beaches: Various beautiful beaches are present in and around Perth for the sun lovers. </p><p>Cottesloe is one of Perth's most popular beaches with its thriving caf culture and </p></li><li><p>crystal clear water.This beach is considered as an ideal spot for swimming, picnic, </p><p>surfing, sunset drinks or a chip and fish dinner by the sea. Besides Cable beach is also </p><p>famous which is often voted as one of the beautiful stretches of coastline. </p><p>Port beach is also favourite among the visitors and at the same time City beach which </p><p>has various picnic spots and playground for children. The inlets of shelter for families on </p><p>the River Swan such as Crawley, combo, Point Walter are rated among the top choices. </p><p>To ride the waves, Scarborough is another top spot and Trigg point has one of Perths </p><p>most reliable breaks. Moving further the shores of Rottnest Island and Penguin Island </p><p>are great for fun family day trips and offers excellent snorkeling. </p><p>Perth zoo: The zoo is located 3km from the city which has been delighting animal </p><p>lovers since 1989. In the Australian Wetlands exhibits and Bushwalks the international </p><p>visitors can have a glance of the countrys unique wildlife. The favourite ones are: </p><p>koalas, kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and Tasmanian devils. The zoo can easily be </p><p>accessible by car, bus, train, and bike, and visitors at the same time can hop a ferry </p><p>from Barrack Street jetty. </p><p>St.Marys Cathedral: This church is considered as Neo-Gothic church which was </p><p>constructed in 1885 and renovation was done over the years. In order to escape from </p><p>the rush and crowd of the busy city, church is always the best place to connect with </p><p>your inner self and many tourists can be found doing the same. </p></li><li><p>Hillarys Boat Harbour: This expansive marine compromises of shops, restaurants and </p><p>family-friendly attractions which is located at a distance of 20km northwest of Central </p><p>Perth.Wandering through an underwater tunnel of glass you can observe more than 200 </p><p>species of marine life which may include manta rays, dolphins, stingrays and sharks. </p><p>Aquarium of Western Australia is a top tourist attraction here. Walkways, parks, bike </p><p>paths and sheltered beaches make this place a favorite spot for a fun family day out. </p><p>Departure of ferries to Rottnest Island also takes place from here. </p><p>Art Gallery of Western Australia: Perth Cultural Centreis about a minutes walk from </p><p>the nearest train station and this Art Gallery of Western Australia has a collection of </p><p>international as well as Australian art dating back from 1829. Specialemphasis is being </p><p>laid in the work from Indian Ocean Rim and Australia. The gallery displays works by </p><p>artists such as Frederick McCubbin and Hans Heysen. And at the same time great </p><p>collection of contempory indigenous and traditional art is also found here. </p><p>Perth Mint: With the strucking of the coins and casting of gold bars, visitors are </p><p>welcomed in Perth mint. Pouring of pure gold to form a solid bar can be watched by </p><p>visitors in the melting House. Since 1899 the place houses the worlds largest collection </p><p>of natural nuggets and gold bars. </p><p>Apart from these tourist attractions, the city can be considered as flushing with mining </p><p>money as Perth generally scores the top in the list of most livable cities around the </p><p>world. Numerous boutiques and fresh restaurants brush shoulders along the busy </p><p>skyscrapers and streets which bristle in the center of the city.A free Wi-Fi facility is also </p><p>provided all over the city which may also include main mall area or public parks. </p><p>Accommodation: Perth offers everything in terms of accommodation ranging from </p><p>luxury 5 star hotel to some well established hostels. A hostel can be a great choice for </p><p>you if you are travelling alone or starting a working holiday visa. Here most hostels also </p><p>offers job boards to help you to get started if you are looking for any job.If you are </p><p>travelling with friends you can even opt for rented apartments available here. </p><p>Lifestyle:Ranked in the top 10 most friendly, livable, attractive and friendly cities in the </p><p>world.With its relaxing and easy going Lifestyle Perth is only one of the capital city </p><p>where you can watch an ocean sunset from one of the19 beaches, taste a world class </p><p>wine and enjoy picnic in its parks. The city has also experienced social and economic </p><p>growth with many of the new developments and cultural precincts like the bars, pubs, </p><p>and clubs. People also opt to visit the museum and heritages and at the same time </p><p>experiencetheater and comedy shows. </p><p>Shopping:Shopping is always fun especially when you are in a holiday </p><p>destination.Perth offers a variety of shopping optionsrising from an eclectic market to </p><p>the stylish malls. You can discover antiques, stock up some trendy beach fashion, </p></li><li><p>purchase unique aboriginal art or find some special gift to best suit your loved ones. </p><p>Starting in Perth City and moving towards Subiaco, Cottesloe, Claremont and Fremantle </p><p>you can really immerse yourself in shopping heaven. </p><p>Food and wineDestination: Perth can be considered as a world class Food and Wine </p><p>destination. The city itself prides on its food and drink.Dining beside Indian Ocean </p><p>sunset at restaurants and wineries of Perth or enjoying a dinner in a quite place under </p><p>the balmy night sky, both are always pleasant. With Quirky, class contemporary or </p><p>funky, Perth presents a delicious menu for breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner with east-</p><p>west fusion, modern European, succulent food and organic locally produce paired with a </p><p>premium wine list. </p><p>Work hard and play harder, considered as a mantra of this city. So what are you waiting </p><p>for? If you are really looking for a friendly, clean, easily accessible, beautiful city, right </p><p>on the ocean then nothing can replace Perth in this regard. Book your tickets to this </p><p>attractive city very soon. </p><p>Cheap flights to Perth </p><p>Perths airport located 9km away from the city is a modern user friendly airport which is </p><p>expanding in order to meet the needs of passengers. Two terminals are located here for </p><p>domestic and international flights. The airport has many cheap flights to </p><p>Perthincluding all major Australian cities and at the same time international flights are </p><p>also here to boast to places like Johannesburg, Dubai, Auckland, Abu Dhabi, Doha, </p><p>Guangzhou and Manila. </p><p>Thus lying in the isolated and stunningly beautiful beaches- rugged yet sophisticated, </p><p>relaxed but bustling, modern but rustic, the city of Perth is really worth visiting. </p><p>Source:</p><p>australia-explore-perth/ </p><p></p></li></ul>