Holiday In Turkey- Travel Tips For You

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  1. 1. Holiday In Turkey- Travel Tips For You Turkey is a perfect holiday destination for everyone, starting from people travelling with family, honeymoon couples or group of friends on vacation for fun. Turkey is known for its health care tourism and culture. There are many spas where you can relax and unwind. Whether you are a pro traveler or planning vacation for the first time these tips will surely help everyone. 1.Planning ahead is the secret of a budget friendly holiday. The first that you must do is browse online and find cheap flights to Turkey. Once the airline ticket is booked look for accommodation. Comparison is the only way of grabbing great deals. Browse through different websites and check the rates offered by them. You can also see if they offer some holiday package wherein you can save money. 2.Visa is essential to when you plan to travel to foreign country and its requirement varies from country to country. When you plan your holiday make sure to visit Turkish Consulate website for details. 3.When you book for accommodation ask them if they provide transfer service from airport. If you are planning hire local taxi or transport after reaching the airport, it might be expensive. 4. You can book taxis for local sightseeing but if want to drive on your own and explore the beauty of Turkey then hire a car and remember to drive on the right. 5.There are ample of dining options in Turkey. You can either have their local food or in multi cuisine restaurants. Now if you are thinking do I have to pay tip for the services? Yes the tip amount is normally 10% of the total billing. Make sure to check the bill and then calculate the same.
  2. 2. 6.There are shopping options in Turkey but gold is one thing that is cheaper when compared with other Western countries.