How to Enjoy Your Murray River Family Vacation

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1. How to Enjoy Your Murray River Family VacationGoing on a houseboatvacation is definitely agreat way to relax andhave some quality bondingtime with your family orfriends. In order to get themost out of your trip, makesure that you experienceeverything that the MurrayRiver area has to offer.1. Historic Port of Echuca From its Aboriginal name,Echuca actually means"Meeting of the waters".During 1870s, Echucabecame widely known asthe largest inland port inAustralia.2. Murray River paddle steamers One of the popular attractions in the Murray River are thepaddle boats and paddle steamers which have gained popularity since 1853 until today. Youcan explore the Murray with these exciting boat cruises.3. Restaurants In the Murray, you will never go hungry with the delectable delicacies thatwill surely make you wanting for more. You can choose from a wide variety of food optionsfrom Buffet, al a carte, to the Australian native fish and chips, desserts, Italian, ModernAustralian, and Noodles, Steak as well as vegetarian meals and a whole lot more.4. Water skiing This is one of the most popular forms of water activity in the Murray. Strapon your waterskiis and feel your adrenalin rush. Meet with other waterskiing enthusiastsduring the water skiing events held in the Murray River every year.5. Rich River Gold Club This golf club is located alongside the river which offers threedining options and two famous 18-hole golf courses. It also offers a gym and an outdoor pool.6. Houseboating Houseboats offer a great floating holiday for family and friends. Choosefrom a wide variety of houseboat fleet in Echuca Moama and indulge like theres notomorrow.For more information on Echuca house boats, simply visit the Luxury On The Murray websitethrough the following links: