How to have fun while visiting accra

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  • How to have fun while visiting Accra

    When the thoughts of the Great heroes of history who stood alone fighting for his

    nations rights struck in our minds, the idea of the beautiful city of Ghana arises. The

    largest and at the same time the capital of Ghana is ACCRA, which has a stable

    economy and best infrastructure.

    In the late 1400s, Accra was founded by the Ga people. Later the city became a center

    for trade with the Portuguese. Various economic activities are done here which includes

    the agricultural and financial sectors, Atlantic fishing and manufacturing of processed

    food, lumber, plywood, textiles, clothing and chemicals.

    In this top city of Africa there are lots of business opportunities which can flourish well.

    At the same time the city also houses to several breathe taking, mesmerizing and

    captivating tourist attraction.

    Now to discover more about Accra and its great culture consisting of traditional taboos

    you can have a look at the list of tourist places to visit in and around Accra:

    Best Places to visit in Accra:

    1) Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park:

    The founding father of Ghana ensured that when his nation attained

    independence then he had many things to offer the country.The great leader

    Kwame Nkrumah remain firm to his decision and a peaceful reconciliation was

    laid in the country. As a way of paying tribute to its founding father and a great

    African iconic leader, the museum is placed in the city. Even today Accra holds

    his footstep as he dedicated his whole life in ensuring a better life for the people.

    So if you wish to get more information about Ghana, then you are most welcome

    to visit this museum in Accra and learn more regarding the footsteps of their


    2) The independence Square Accra:

    Ever wondered through how much harsh pain and tortures from colonialists,

    Ghana went through to make it an independent nation. This wonderfully designed

    Independence Square Accra was constructed as honor to celebrate Ghanas

    Independence which is one of its greatest days in history. Since the square has

    Ghanas black star, placed in their national flag so it is known as Black Star

    Square among the locals.

  • 3)The National theatre:

    In Accra the talents of the local people are documented properly to represent

    their culture and help them in developing a bond which is strongly related with

    theirfuture. The National Theatre was built in 1990in order to serve the function of

    the raising artist. This modern theatre has greatly developed the local people to

    show cast their talent to the rest of the people of the world. Tourist from all over

    the world gets entertained by the young Ghanaian men and women who are

    devoting themselves in shaping their talents through performing arts. Apart from

    that even the national dance company, famous national theatre players and the

    national symphony orchestra exist here.


    Just like a magnet the tourist always gets attracted towards Jamestown only

    because of its captivating sense. Deep secrets related to the history of Accra are

    present in the town since the medieval times and just like a perfect treasure of

    history of Accra the town date backs to the 17th century.

    Today many of the fishermen within city use the place as greatest fish Harbors in

    Africa. The city is widely populated as many foreign investors have entered to

    carry out business to sustain a living from the great economy of the city.

    5) Makola Market:

    Much of Accras history is within this market. This market stands alone as a great

    African market where you can find almost all types of Ghanaians of local

    delicacies. Traditional foodstuffs like arrow roots, traditional pots, yams traditional

    medicines, shoes and arrows are found here. You can always feel free to get

    mingle with the local people who are always dedicated to offer the best services

    whileselling African shoes and head gears. If you want to prepare the traditional

    delicates of Accra, then this place surely welcomes you as a tourist.

  • 6) OSU Castel:This ancient castle traces its roots to early 17th century. It was

    once used as the store houses of slaves before being shipped abroad. It even

    became the Danish Gold Coast Headquarters. During its old tradition, no tourist

    is allowed to take pictures here.

    7) Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop (Designer Workshop):

    The history of many people who died sometimes back is within this workshop.

    Kane Kwei was a dedicated coffin designer who used his creativity and came up

    with quality coffins. It is a best place which leaves many tourist amazed due to its

    great art.

    Food and drink of the Ghanaians:

    People of Accra enjoy a simple food but the one which poses a good flavor.

    Majority of food consist of thick, well seasoned stews, usually accompanied by

    staple foods like rice or boiled yams.Variety of flavors comes under stews, the

    most popular is okra, fish, bean leaf, plava sauce and ground nut.Spices are

    used to prepare stews and other popular dishes. Curry, garlic, onions and chili

    peppers are used most widely in seasonings. Rice mainly is the staple food

    throughout most of the country. Jol of rice a spicy dish which includes tomato

    sauce and meat is enjoyed mostly by the population.

    Pito is a popular drinkmade from sorghumwhich is famous in the north and

    people in the south prefer palm wine.

    Local festivals:

    1) Homowo: This famous festival of Accra takes place every year during August and

    September. The locals celebrate this festival in the memory of a famine which

    occurred once in Ghana.

    2) Apoo Festival: This festival is widely celebrated by the crowdsof Wenchi

    andTechiman and even in the Brong Ahafo Region. Here some kind of activities is

    involved like purification of the human in two tradition areas in order to get rid of

    social evils. The significance of this festival is to gain favour from royal ancestor in

    order to get good harvest towards the ending of the year.

    3) Sasabobirim Festival: The chiefs and people of Awuah Domase near

    Sunyanicelebrate this festival. This festival is celebrated in November for a week

  • long period of time in the memory of their brave chief who had joined Yaa

    Ashatewaa to fight against the Europeans in the early 20th century.

    4) Kwafaie Festival:This week long festival is held in the month of November and

    December. The people and chiefs of Dormaa,Berekum, and Nsoatre traditional

    areas celebrate thefestival. It is a type of purification ceremony. A large bonfire is

    being lighted in the chiefs courtyard. It is said to believe that fire was bought to

    Ghana by the Dormass and a bonfire represents the legend.

    Nightlife in Accra:

    Apart from being the capital city, Accra is also one of the most happening city of

    Ghana.You can even compare it with London, Las Vegas and more places where night

    life is of great concern. People in Accra maintain a well planned living style, working

    hard during the whole weeks and chilling out hard in weekends. Accra has a great

    nightlife and one can enjoy it to the fullest. Weekends in Accra starts on Thursday,

    Friday is considered as the hottest day, Saturday is considered just as normal and

    Sunday is the great time to enjoy the beaches. Nightclubs, bars, hotels and restaurant

    are present in and around Accra where one can enjoy their life.


    Shopping in Accra is always fun. Four major shopping sites are present here: Osu,

    Accra Mall, Makola Market and the market near the Art Center. Various types of stores,

    walking vendors, informal stalls and even textiles goods can be found in these markets.

    For arts and crafts you can try the markets by the National museum. In order to

    experience the mall you can try the Accra mall which has a wide collection of Retail

    outlets, Bank hall, Fast foods and Cinema.

    So if you want to explore the people, culture, food and interesting tourist spots, then

    plan a trip to this engaging and vibrant soon very soon.

    Cheap flight to Accra:

    Accra has the Kotak International Airport whichisone of Ghana's premiere international

    airport and located around 9.7 km from the city. The airport has both military as well as

    civil uses. All flights coming to Accra land hereand to enjoy the great culture of this city,

    you can take any cheap flight to Accra among the available ones. This includes the

    Egyptair, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Ethiopian and many more. Thecity's scheduled

    passenger services are handled by the airport and it is well connected to major parts of

    the world.

  • Thus you can say that with its rich history, wildlife filled parks, an upbeat culture and

    beautiful beaches, Accra is really worth visiting.