How to plan a budget trip

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To plan a trip under the budget is not that difficult. Check out this presentation it has different ideas to plan a budget trip


  • 1. How To Plan A Budget Trip ? Website :-
  • 2. 5 Steps for Planning a Budget Trip Website :-
  • 3. 1. Save money before you leave for a trip :- You should have a seperate saving account only for travel, you can save money by doing overtime or by making money by some part time job Website :-
  • 4. 2. Fix certain budget for transportation :- Keep the amount aside that you have saved for transport expense, which include airfare, rental cars, parking, gases, train, bus and other expenses. Get an idea of what you will pay for airfares, rental car fees and train prices by talking to a travel agent, reservation agent or going online to research the rates for the times and destinations you are planning to travel. Website :-
  • 5. 3. Consider the lodging Expense :- It includes hotels, resorts and bed and breakfast locations in any of the places you visit. Get an idea for a per night expense for an overall trip. Confirm the hotel rates before leaving for a trip. Website :-
  • 6. Food Budget :- Include a food budget that will cover your meals, drinks and snacks, although it is hard to decide that how would it cost for an overall trip but you can have some estimate for it. Website :-
  • 7. Website:-Website:- Contact Us :-Contact Us :- Website :-