How to Plan a Budgeted Trip to Dubai

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Dubai is an excellent tourist destination. You can have an extremely pocket friendly trip to Dubai with the help of a good tour operator and ensuring that you allot your budget wisely for shopping and travelling.


  • 1. How to Plan a Budgeted Trip to Dubai Dubai has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time. It is the ideal tourist spot for many. Dubai is basically one of those destinations which has transformed into a modern city but has still been able to maintain a perfect balance between the glitz and the culture. In fact, many come to this emirate not only for touring and shopping, but also for making their fortune as this place offers a lot of interesting and strong career as well. There are many Dubai tour packages that you can consider when you plan to visit this city. Well, if you are looking for a budget tour, you should definitely look out for a cheap Dubai city tour. You can consult various tour companies that offer reasonable and affordable Dubai tour packages. Dubai is home to a number of mesmerizing places you can visit. Right from malls to souks, from deserts to Dubai creek, the list is endless. However, since you intend to have a pocket friendly tour, it is advisable that you chalk down your trip in terms of what you want to do.

2. Dubai is one emirate which has something for everyone. It is a place which offers many options for the tourists. However, in order to have a Dubai budget tour, you can consider the following tips: Though this city is known for its lavish hotels, you can look out for hotels which have low rates; you can take the help of your tour operator for the same. Dubai malls can be very tempting to keep shopping. However, you need to ensure that you have a budget allotted for the same. Try shopping in the local souks. You pay lower prices yet purchase quality and authentic goods. The desert safari is something is you cannot miss out on. However, instead of taking the overnight desert safari, you can enjoy the sands in the day time in form of morning desert safari. Enjoy the seas of Dubai by visiting the free beaches instead of the paid ones. Travelling can cost you big bucks if you take the local taxi. Instead, hop on to the metro or the bus. They cover all the major tourist destinations and are a lot cheaper too. When it comes to food, Dubai has some great local restaurants you can try. You dont really need to spend a fortune on the 5 star restaurants. In a nutshell, these are a few things you can enjoy in a city which never disappoints its visitors. There are many tour companies which offer great packages and discounts to their customers. So, plan your Dubai tour today and have a trip full of memories to be cherished for a lifetime!