How to plan your trip to Barcelona

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  1. 1. How to plan your trip to Barcelona things should see in barcelona If youre planning your very first trip to Barcelona then get ready for a beautiful holiday. Barcelona has a lot to offer, including distinctive architecture, numerous parks, beaches, shopping and much more. Whether you want only a weekend away or a weeklong adventure, Barcelona is a must-see city with a little something for everyone. A great place to start a Barcelona holiday is in Park Gell. The famous artist and architect, Antoni Gaudi, designed the unusual structures that populate the park. The twisty paths make for an interesting solitary stroll in the daytime or lovers and whole families enjoy walking along them in the evenings. All walking tours of Barcelona should include a stop in this sculpture park. Finding a bite to eat is easy in Barcelona. For breakfast order a baguette and a cup of coffee at any of the quaint cafes. The Spanish eat dinner late, so be ready for fresh seafood paella around eight or nine in the evening. Anytime is ideal to stop in a bar for drinks with tapas. Traditional tapas include olives, sliced ham and calamari but individual restaurant owners woo customers with their unique and flavorful dishes served on tiny plates above cold brews. No vacation in Barcelona could be considered complete without a few photographs taken in front of Sagrada Familia. This church is another Gaudi piece that could loosely be described as Art Nouveau, but one would have to gaze directly upon the melting gingerbread-like towers personally to know that no other church in the world could match it. A holiday in Barcelona can be luxurious and affordable with the help of Splendia. Visit for help finding great deals on hotels. Read guest reviews, compare prices and see pictures of the rooms all before you book at Splendia. Barcelonas unique culture and history, its ideal location, and its spirit and energy make it one of Europes top destinations for travellers . The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona has its own language that makes the city and region different from the rest of Spain. In medieval times, the city along with nearby and culturally-related Valencia were the leading ports of the Crown of Aragon. Today, Barcelona offers everything from grand Romanesque and Gothic architecture to modern art and building wonders, and access to some of Europes most popular beaches.
  2. 2. Travelers can spend an entire vacation in Barcelona alone, or they may use the city as a starting or ending point for a more extensive tour of Catalonia or the country of Spain. Catalan speakers also share a cultural relationship with the Occitan areas across the border in France, and this can offer further possibilities for itineraries. Barcelona is busiest in the month of August, but the relatively mild winters make this a popular destination throughout the year. Many Europeans come here for refuge when cold weather strikes other countries in the region. Do you like to enjoy Barcelona?? also you can choose a Barcelona Segway tours to explore the city and have fun Accommodations in the city cover the gamut from budget hostels and pensions to some of Europes grandest hotels. For those interested in luxury hotels, and boutique and spa hotels, they will find the Splendia website an excellent resource. The site features a hotel finder search engine that allows you to sort results by various criteria. For example, you can search for accommodations located near popular attractions like Gaudis Sagrada Familia, one of the most unusual modern churches in all of Europe. You can also refine search results by the type of experience you are looking for, facilities and characteristics, and style and property type. Barcelona rarely disappoints, and should be on any travelers priority list of European destinations. By Barcelona Segway Day