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Text of Illinois

  • 1. Illinois, The Prairie StateBy Natally Acosta

2. Rivers of Illinois

  • Cache River
  • Mississippi River
  • Calumet River
  • Chicago River
  • Illinois River
  • Fox River

3. Lakes of Illinois

  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Decatur
  • Lake Galena
  • Grass Lake
  • Lincoln Lake
  • Carlyle Lake

4. Waters of Illinois

  • Chicago, Illinois is located right at the southern part of Lake Michigan
  • Mississippi River borders southern part of Illinois
  • The Chicago River runs through downtown Chicago, and was at one point used to keep Lake Michigan clean.

5. Landform Info

  • Highest Point
  • -Charles Mound at 1235 ft
  • Lowest Point
  • - Mississippi River at 279 ft
  • Land Mass
  • -56,400 miles

6. Landforms

  • Mountains
  • Charles Mound, the highest mountain in Illinois rises 1,235 ft. above sea level, and is near the Chicago-Wisconsin border.
  • Benton Mound, the second highest mountain, reaches its summit at 1,204 ft.
  • Caves
  • Monroe, Illinois holds the 2 ndlargest cave in Illinois, Mammoth Cave.It is mapped to be 6 miles long, and holds stalactites and an underground stream!

7. Vegetation

  • Nachusa Grasslands is one of Illinois last grasslands. It is made up of grassland, wetland, and prairies. These grasslands are made up of thousands of rare species, and is commonly used today for training on understanding the environment.
  • Before the European settlers, Illinois was made up of 22 million acres of prairie, and 14 million acres of forest.
  • The Cache River, originally used by Native Americans, was too wet for farming, but used as a wetland excellent for fishing and hunting.

8. Fun Facts about Illinois

  • Senator: Barack Obama !!!
  • State song: Illinois
  • State Capital: Springfield
  • Nickname: Prairie State
  • State Flower:violet
  • Chicago: nicknamed The Windy City
  • Home of the first skyscraper

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