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  • 1. 1.The official name of Mexico is Estados UnidosMexicanos (United Mexican States).

2. 2.A Mexican tamale called the zacahuil is threefeet long and weighs about 150 pounds.3.Mexico introduced chocolate (cacao), corn,Tequila and chilies to the world. 3. 4.Mexico is home to a very rare rabbit called thevolcano rabbit which lives near Mexicanvolcanoes.5.The largest wildcat in North America is thejaguar, which can be found in Mexicossouthern jungles. 4. 6.The first printing press in North America was used inMexico City in 1539.7.The National University of Mexico was founded in 1551by Charles V of Spain and is the oldest university inNorth America.8.Millions of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexicoevery year from the U.S. and Canada, though loggingoperations are rapidly destroying their habitat. 5. 9.The border between Mexico and the United States isthe second largest border in the world (only the U.S.-Canadian border is longer).10.Mexico is second only to Brazil in the number ofCatholic citizens. 6. 11.The red poinsettia (which the Aztecs called cuetlaxochitl)originated in Mexico and is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett,the first United States ambassador to Mexico (in the 1820s).12.Mexican children do not receive presents on Christmas Day.They receive gifts on January 6, the day on which Mexicanscelebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men. 7. 13.Mexico is located in the Ring of Fire, one of theearths most violent earthquake and volcano zones14.Mexico City is built over the ruins of a great Azteccity, Tenochtitln. 8. 15.Mexicos flag is made up three vertical stripes. (seefact #25). 9. 16.The Chihuahua is the worlds smallest dog and isnamed for a Mexican state. 10. 17.Mexicos size is 756,066 square miles, which is almostthree times larger than Texas.18.Only ten countries in the world have a largerpopulation than Mexicos 112,000,000 million people.19.Mexico City has the highest elevation and is oldestcity in North America.20.Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world bytotal area.21.Modern Mexicans are a unique blend of manyancient civilizations, including the Olmec, Zapotec,Toltec, Maya, Aztec, African, French, and Spanish. 11. 22.The first great civilization in Mexico were theOlmecs (1400-300 B.C.) who established many citiesalong the eastern coast of Mexico, sculpted thefamous Colossal Heads, and worshipped a mysterious,unnamed god that was part human and part jaguar.23.The Zapotec civilization (600 B.C.-A.D. 800)established great cities along southern Mexico anddeveloped the first writing system in the Americas.24.One unusual Mayan weapon was a hornet bomb,which was an actual hornets nest thrown at enemiesduring battle. 12. 25.In the fourteenth century, a group of Chichimecas(warrior nomads) called the Aztecs (or Mexicas) settledin Mexico when they saw an eagle (representing thesun) standing on a cactus (a symbol of the heart)clutching a snake (a symbol of the earth orQuetzalcoatl)an image which is now depicted on theMexican flag. 13. 26.Snakes appear repeatedly in Mexican mythology,from the serpent god Kukulcan which can be foundthe side of the Chichen Itza pyramid to the featheredserpent god, Quetzalcoatl. 14. 27.The Aztecs adopted human sacrifice from earliercultures (such as the Olmecs) because they believedthe universe would come to an end and the sun wouldcease to move without human blood. There are manyancient statues of gods sticking out their tongues,such as Huitzilopochtli, which may be a sacredgesture that suggests their thirst for blood.28.During an Aztec human sacrifice, five priests,sometimes with their faces painted with differentcolors, held the sacrificial victims arms and legs. Theheart, referred to as precious eagle cactus fruit, wascut from the live victim and burned on a fire in thetemple. 15. 29.Shells and stones on the Aztecs ritual bladessymbolized the faces of the gods for which thesacrificial hearts were intended. They would sacrificebetween 10,000 to 50,000 victims per year. Under therule of Montezuma II, 12,000 victims were sacrificedin one day.30.The Aztecs played ritual ball game known as tlachtliin which the losers were often sacrificed to the gods.31.When Spanish Conquistador Hernan Corts arrivedin 1519, the Aztecs believed he was their returninggod, Quetzalcoatl, and offered him the drink of thegods: hot chocolate. 16. 32.The descendants of the Aztecs speak a form of theAztec language called Nahuatl.33.Hernan Corts had a native mistress and abletranslator Marina (La Malinche).34.About 60% of the modern Mexican population ismestizo (Indian-Spanish), 30% is Indian orpredominately Indian, 9% is Caucasian, and 1% isother. 17. 35.Creoles are descendants of the Spanish people whofirst arrived in Mexico. Now they are the name ofMexicos small population: Caucasian Europeans,Americans, and Canadians.36.Mexico remained under Spanish control for nearly300 years until the Mexican people, led by a priestnamed Father Hidalgo, rose up against the Spanish onSeptember 16, 1810. Hidalgo is widely considered thefather of modern Mexico, and Mexican Independenceis celebrated on September 15-16. 18. 37.Spanish conquerors brought bullfighting to Mexico.38.While bullfighting is Mexicos national sport, futbol(soccer in the U.S.) is currently more popular. 19. 39.Even though over 60 native tongues are still spokenin rural locations.40.Texas was a Mexican province which declared itsindependence from Mexico in 1836, resulting in warwith the United States (1836-1838).41.In 1910, under the guidance of Emiliano Zapata andPancho Villa, Mexican peasants revolted against thedictatorship of Porfirio Daz to gain equality and land.The civil war lasted 10 years and took the lives over 1million people. 20. 42.Before 1958, women could not vote in presidentialelections. Women, however, did play an importantrolin the 1910 revolution, serving as spies, armssmugglers, and soldaderas or soldiers.43.In 1994, a group of Mexican peasants and farmerscalled the Zapatistas (named after Emiliano Zapata)started another revolt to highlight the differencesbetween the rich and poor. 21. 44.The North Atlantic Free Trade Association (NAFTA)45.Actor Anthony Quinn was the first Mexican to winan Oscar. 22. 46.The Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico was named oneof the new Seven Wonders of the World, The Mayasinvented the cero before the other civilizations.47.The Richest Man of the world is Mexican CarlosSlim, he owned a Telephone Company in Mexico.48.In Mexico the Education since kinder garden untilmiddle school is free of cost.49.Mexico has 27 World Heritage sites. 23. 50.Mexico has the world record for beaches: Cozumel,Playa del Carmen, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angelito,Puerto Angel, Playa Cementerio, Playa Canta Mar,Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Barra de Navidad,Zihuatanejo... 24. 51.Guadalajara hosts the 2011 Pan American Games.Also Mexico 86 World Cup and Olympics 1968.Becoming in the first latin american country hostingOlympics.52.The Zacatecas Cathedral is considered one of theworld`s most beautiful churches. And world heritagesite. 25. 53.The most renowned Mexican painter after FridaKahlo was Diego Rivera. Who was he? Diego Rivera wasFrida Kahlo`s husband. 26. 54. In 2007, three Mexican teenagers won the EightNational Geographic World Championship.55. Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena invented the ColorTV.56. Mexican opera soap are famous around the World asEl chavo del ocho. 27. 57.Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia became the firstindigenous president in the world.58.Laura Elena Martinez Harring from Texas became thefirst Hispanic-American woman to be crowned MissUnited States pageant (1985). 28. 59.Salma Hayek is a Mexican actress who became asymbol of breakthrough of Latin American performersin U.S. films.60. Most important holidays. Basically we celebrateanything. We love to have parties. 29. 61. Mariachi. 30. DAY OF THE DEADday of the deadMEXICAN FOLK DANCE SPECTACLEmexican danceMEXICO TOURISM PLACEStourismtourism 1tourism 2MEXICAN WEEDINGweeding