King of Treks in the Himalayas

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  • Why Stok Kangri is considered the King of Treks in theHimalayas?

    Trekking in Himalayas is perhaps the first destination that comes to yourmind when you think of trekking in India. There is nothing mightier than theHimalayas because these mountain ranges have lots of trails that encompassspectacular natural beauty and bigger challenges. Leh, Ladakh, Nepal andKashmir are where the most popular trekking expeditions originate. There aremany easy and challenging summits in the Himalayas but amongst all of them isthe most popular and elusive Stok Kangri Trek that stands miles apart. Stok isby no means an easy trail. It is immensely challenging and glamorous simplybecause it is elusive and meant only for experts.

  • Knowing Stok Kangri

    Stok Kangri Trek is the most challenging trekking trails in Himalayas.Located at 20,500 feet above sea level, the Stok Kangri is the highest trekkablesummit in India. It is almost impossible for inexperienced trekkers to conquerthis summit. If weather and climatic conditions are favorable; the trek can becompleted in a week but requires tremendous strength, acclimatization andenergy to reach the summit. Originating in Ladakh, the Stok Kangri trek posesnumerous challenges like highly volatile weather conditions, rapid gain ofaltitudes, snow storms and other conditions of the mind and body.

    Tips to trek on the Stok Kangri trail

    Trekking to the Stok Kangri is no easy ordeal. Acclimatization is always abig problem in this trek and hence completing them in 5 days is not whattrekkers can do. Oxygen levels come down significantly as you climb higher.Your body will have to be prepared for volatile changes Stok throws at you.July to September is usually the best time for trekking to this summit.

  • The climb can get extremely exhausting if you do not prepare for thesummit properly. Altitude sickness, as it is termed can make trekking inHimalayas, especially in high altitudes like that of the Stok very difficult andsometimes unattainable. Hiring professional tour operators with profoundexpertise and experiences is important in these terrains.

    The Base Camp is approx 16,300 feet above sea level and this is where youget to see a number of colorful tents stationed with trekkers from across theworld strategizing the climb ahead. One of the most scenic trails; the path tothe summit has more breathtaking views your mind can capture. There arenumber of pristine spots you pass through and each of them are exotic in theirown ways making trekking to Stok Kangri the most memorable and uniquelycharming.

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