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Make your ethiopian tour unforgettable and incredible!

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Ethiopia is a great travel destination of Africa. Its tourism businesses like transport, accommodation, air travel, African restaurants, cultural history, tribal cultures, authentic North African food, scenic beauty are especially attract to visitors.

Text of Make your ethiopian tour unforgettable and incredible!

  • 1. Make your Ethiopian Tour Unforgettable Tourtoethiopia Off-Road Ethiopia Tour

2. Historic Ethiopia Ethiopia is certainly a land of fascination & wonder, a nation with one of the affluent histories within the African continent. It is a land of surprises, contrast, wild places and home to very friendly and cultured people whore moved down from few of the globes oldest societies. Last but not the least, Ethiopia has a lot to offer its visitor including Christian festivals &ancient relics such as the ancient town of Lalibelawith its incredible rock-hewn churches, Axum, Gondar with its palaces and castles, Lalibela, the walled Muslim city of Harar and many others to name. Due to such tourist attraction, so many travel companies are keen to offer different Ethiopian tourism packages, no matter whether it is a private tour, small or a large travel group. 3. Why Travel to Ethiopia? Grand Ethiopian Tour Eritrea and Djibouti Eco Tour Programs For many it is unusual experience to make travel to the continent of Africa as the countries are very diverse and colorful but traveling to Ethiopia is unique and gives travelers a taste of Africa. It is a country where one can have natural, cultural and historical beauties all together. 4. Latest News & Events The Great Ethiopian run, which got its inception in the year 2001 by people who are in the world of sport including the famous world athlete, Haile Gebre Selasse. The organizers whose objective was to stage a mass-participation athletic competition have managed to attract the attention of thousands of Ethiopians and also other renowned athletes from the globe including Lornah Kiplagat, John Treacyand Julia Bleasdale. This event is also attracting the attention of other individuals who have a dream of an Ethiopian holiday as it would be a double fold harvest by being part of this Africas biggest open-air event and also taking a holiday in the attractions of the country too. 5. Attactions Festivals Easter (Fasika) Timket (Epiphany) Ethiopian x-mass (Genna) Meskel Festival Ethiopian New Year (Enkutatash) 6. Travel Tips Addis Ababa GOVERNMENT LAND AND POPULATION CLIMATE POPULATION AND POPULTION CHARACTERSTICS TIME AND ELECTRIC SUPPLY CURRENCY CUSTOMS VISA AND IMMIGRATION ENTRY POINTS DRIVING 7. Highlights of the Tour colorful markets, green jungle and Scenery, Villages, traditions and customs, Monastery, Ancient History, ruined palaces, monuments, churches, mural paintings, Day 1: ARRIVAL ADDIS ABABA Outbound: Milan - Addis Ababa Day 2:TURMI -JINKA Drive from Turmi to Jinka via Dimeka. In the afternoon visit the Ari villages, their neat compounds, fertile and scenic surrounds. Overnight Orit or Jinka resort Hotel (B & D) 8. Uniqueness of Ethiopia The Kaffa region of Ethiopia is generally regarded to be where the Arabica strain of the coffee plant originates from, and where it was first cultivated. Now coffee apart from being the back bone of Ethiopias economy it is also the days to day cultural attribute of the people. For that reason Ethiopians are know by having a coffee ceremony tradition practiced by every house hold. In 1582, the Christian world as a whole dropped the established Julian calendar in favor of the revised Gregorian calendar. Ethiopia did not and never has! As a consequence, Ethiopia is seven years and eight months behind the rest of the Christian world. The calendar consists of 12 months of 30 days each and an extra month of five days in duration (six days in leap years). The first month of the Ethiopian year, Meskerem, more or less coincides with September. Ethiopian New Year falls on September 11 or 12. Ethiopia is the only African state which has its own written language called Amharic with its alphabets numbering more or less 210. 9. Contact [email protected] +251-911-513-264 +251-116-621-383 +251-116-526-650 10. The End