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Manuelle Prunier, Canadian BadlandsAlberta Sustainable Tourism ForumDec 9, 2010Nakoda Lodge, Morley,

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  • 1. CANADIAN BADLANDS LTDA Partnership for Tourism Development

2. Canadian Badlands RegionTheCanadianBadlandsregionin centralsouthernAlbertaishostto someofCanadasmostintriguing travelexperiences.Witharare combinationofassetsrangingfrom rivervalleybadlandstounglaciated hills,hoodoostohugeskies, UNESCOworldheritagesitesand prairiecommunities,theareaisrich inpotentialforgreatertourist visitationthanitcurrentlyenjoys. 3. Dinosaurs, Geology, Parks 4. Native Cultures 5. Authentic Western Entertainment 6. Historical Sites 7. Arts and Culture 8. Recreation 9. A Vision and Two Champions 10. Our Vision Todeveloparegionthatwillbecomea majortouristdestinationforAlberta Tocomplementtheroleplayedbythe CanadianRockiesinencouragingtravelto andwithintheprovince. 11. Our Mission EnhanceareaqualityoflifewhilepreservingsignificantnaturalresourcesExpandopportunitiestoretain,growandeducateavibrantworkforce ProvideemploymentandentrepreneurialopportunitiesforareabusinessesandyouthExposevisitorstotherichculturalandnaturalheritageoftheCanadianBadlands,includingtheverysignificantFirstNationsculturesandhistory. 12. CANADIAN BADLANDS LTD Anotforprofitcorporationactingasafacilitatorfor: tourismproductandbusinessdevelopment tourismworkforcedevelopment&training investmentattraction Thelargestregionalpartnershipofitskindin SouthernAlbertainvolving62municipal shareholders 13. FUNDING GovernmentSupport Communityinvolvement:shareholderlevy RADF RuralAlbertaDevelopmentFund RDI RuralDiversificationInitiative RCAP RuralCommunityAdaptationProgram CAF CommunityAdjustmentFund 14. Main Focus Areas1. DestinationandAttractionDevelopmentSupport2. SignageandInfrastructurePrograms3. CapacityBuildingandBusinessDevelopmentPrograms 15. Main Focus Areas1. DestinationandAttractionDevelopmentPrograms 16. Parks: Integrated Area Development Planning Develop integrated tourism development plans for Dinosaur and Dry Island Buffalo Provincial Parks, including surrounding counties and communities, that is supported by key stakeholders (e.g. provincial parks, affected municipal governments, industry stakeholders) 17. Towns: Tourism Master Planning17 18. Communities: Involvementin Tourism Assessment 19. Attractions: Development Support AtlasCoalMineNationalHistoricSite CanadianBadlandsPassionPlay ClayIndustriesNationalHistoricDistrict 20. Tourism Operators: Clustering Cluster:agroupingofbusinesses,includingthefirmsthatsupportthe primaryclustermembers,whicharesomehowrelated.Thiscanbeinterms ofgeography,marketsserved,industry,etc...Somehighprofileclusters includethehightechclusterofSiliconValleyinCaliforniaandthefashion clustersfoundthroughoutItaly 21. Advantages of Clustering Strengthinnumbers Cooperationandinterdependence Accesstotheresourcesneededtobecomedistinct inthemarketandmoreprofitablethrough: CooperativePurchasing CooperativeBrandingandMarketing CreationofReferralNetworks Implementationofstandardsacrossthecluster Accesstofunding Accesstotraining 22. Current Clusters 23. Main Focus Areas2. SignageandInfrastructurePrograms 24. Signage ProgramThe signage strategy is for municipality welcome signs. Funds are available to assist municipalities on a 50/50 cost share to either incorporate the Canadian Badlands logo on their existing municipality signs and/or to develop new municipality signs. 25. Infrastructure Program 26. Scenic Route Feasibility Study 27. Main Focus Areas3. CapacityBuildingandBusinessDevelopmentPrograms 28. Customer Service Excellence Workforce Development InitiativeFor front-line staff and Involve colleges in developing a multifaceted workforce volunteers of and entrepreneurial capacity.organizations in the Red Deer College works with the colleges in the region toCanadian Badlands enhance, develop and coordinate programs, both campus-tourism industry, with based and distance-learning based. The initiative is expected to raise the level of service delivery in thethe flexibility for delivery Canadian workshop, video-conference and on-lineformats. 29. Tourism Staff and Volunteers: Customer Service ExcellenceFor front-line staff and volunteers of organizations in the Canadian Badlands tourism industry, with the flexibility for delivery in workshop, video- conference and on-line formats. 30. Community Leaders:Tourism Leadership Training improve leadership knowledge and skills for elected and volunteer leaders for communities throughout the region improve leadership transition in rural areas by expanding the trained volunteer talent pool available create a mentor network of training leadership graduates to enhance leadership networking.30 31. Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park: Training & Mentoring Program Development Plan Support Assistinplanningtheexpansionofthetourismoffer Programconsultationforvariousservices offeredatthePark. Staffandcommunitydevelopment Traininginoperations,humanresource development,siteplanning,marketing, customerservice,qualitycontrol, 32. Small-to-Medium Enterprises: Tourism Incubator The Tourism Business Incubator Program provides business training, coaching and mentoring, business development advice and planning support to develop tourism businesses. Extensivedatabaseof tourismresources 33. Artists: Co-op DevelopmentProgram Studio space, business training, retail support, and mentorship. Goal: increase the presence of the visual arts in the Canadian Badlands and to nurture artists with the necessary business skills and confidence in order to create sustainable micro-businesses throughout the region. 34. Farm / Ranch Tourism InitiativeImplement a needs assessment, training and organizational development program to empower private landowners who want to operate commercial outdoor recreation or tourism enterprises on private lands. 35. Community Leaders & TourismOperators:Best Practice Missions 36. Together We Can Make It Happen !