Most Beautiful Lakes in Himalayas

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1. 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Indian Himalayas 2. Pangong Tso Pangong Tso smoothly translates to Long narrow enchanting lake and it has quite rightfully enchanted generations after generations. This enchantress stands as a classic example of what an artists imagination might be like when he completely sets it free. Mother Natures darling, this lake has so many gorgeous avatars! Tourists can even walk on the surface during this season. 3. Nagin Lake Magnificent Nagin Lake is the famous Dal Lakes more beautiful sibling. Like a mother, this Nagin lake sustains life throughout the year. The humdrum activities within the exotic houseboats, the old and comfortable motion of the shikaras and the overall social exchange taking place within the lakes territories keep it perpetually alive. Surrounded by theShankaracharya Hill in the south, Hari Parbat in the west and overlooked by the Zabarwan hills, this lake is an ancient witness to the goings on of life in the Kashmir valley. 4. Lake Tsongmo Colloquially referred to as the Changu Lake, this exquisite beauty falls on the way to Nathula pass in North Sikkim. Its very picturesque but what makes this place different is its homely atmosphere. This is a place where not only travellers out to taste nature get to pleasure their senses, its also the kind of place where families can create memories. Children get to feel adventurous sitting on yaks, foodies get to indulge a bit at the roadside tea-stalls that sell delicious meals and photographers get to go a bit out of control because the place is so unimaginably gorgeous. 5. Chandra Taal The moon lake it is! If paradise has a lake at the centre, it probably looks like Chandra Taal. Travellers generally trek to this piece of dream. It falls en route to Kunzum La in Spiti from Baralacha La at Lahul in Himachal Pradesh. The view, after a rather strenuous, albeit enjoyable hike feels a lot like water pouring down the throat after hours of remaining parched. Primordial peaks, glistening glacier, budding rivers, high altitude desert landscapewhat do you want to see? Just name it and you shall have it here. Chandratal Lake gives birth to the Chandra River that eventually becomes one with Chenub. It is great idea to camp here. In such a case, you shall join the ancient club of Tibetian traders and local shepherds. Dont forget your watercolours if you are an artist. 6. Sela Tal Tse La Lake or Sela Tal as we know it is an imposing sight for a traveller on his way to Tawang. This relatively large body of frosty water, located at a height 13,700 feet is straight out of a book of paranormal mysteries. Situated right next to the Sela Pass, this lake is a queen among a supposed total of about 101 others in the vicinity. It freezes partially and quite often even completely in the winters. Several tiny Himalayan rivers originate from this mystic piece of fantasy. One look at the Sela lake might communicate a message of obscure mysteries but when a traveller actually sees what lies around, he realizes that this lovely lake derives its beauty from all the life that it hosts. It perpetually receives exotic guests like mountain yaks and rare birds like shelducks. You can spend hours staring at the lake and its surroundings, so get ready to lose yourself here. 7. Krishansar Lake Krishansar Lake or the lake of Krishna truly looks like the kind of place Lord Krishna would be extremely delighted to come to on vacations. Located close to Sonmarg in Kashmir, the area bears witness to perpetual snow. Krishnasar lake is an ideal balm for fatigued souls. The ambience is so very restful that it is bound to drown all your tensions and sorrows. All these Himalayan lakes are so feminine in beauty and character and this lake is no different. Like the others, this lake is also a mother to the wide array of fishes that reside within. 8. Gurudongmar Lake The holy lake of the Sikhs, Gurudongmar Lake is literally magical, the magic being created by none other than Guru Nanak himself. Legend has it that on his visit to this picture perfect lake, the birds and animals of the area came and complained to him that the winters were too harsh on them given the utter lack of water then as the lake completely froze. The Guru plunged his staff into the frozen lake and the section of ice that came apart hasnt ever frozen till date. A part of the lake freezes every year but not this section. Situated within 5 KMs of the Chinese border, the lake is only open to Indian tourists. 9. Tso kar Lake Situated in southern Ladakh, Tso Kar Lake mates with the distant horizon. It has a younger sibling called Startsapuk Tso. This is a salt lake that derives its name white lake from the fact that it has abundant deposits of white salt within. This ornament of the Rupshu Valley is a bird-watchers paradise. Tso Kar Lake has a heart and it actually beats with life throbbing all around. 10. Rewalsar Lake 'Calm, quite, serene, cool' - these is a perfect description of Lake Rewalsar which stands as a testimony to the wonderful spirit of religious harmony in Himachal Pradesh. The lake is officially the first witness to the immense powers of the great Padmasambhav , Guru Rinpoche to the Tibetians. 11. Tsomoriri Lake God just went a bit crazy! He has his moments of madness and this was one of them because sanity can never produce something so unimaginably breath-taking and fantastic. There are several routes to this distinct piece of paradise. One may go there from Leh or Pangong Tso via Changthang or Chumthang. The summers are the most ideal time to visit the Tso Moriri Lake because by then, the ice sheets completely melt but you know what, some travellers put their wanderlust before convenience. For those wacky souls I say, you might even want to brave the winters. Make sure that you are armed with lots of brandy. The sight of the frosted Tsomoriri lake seems a lot like a picture right out of the Disney movie Frozenonly better! 12. Photographic Attribution Thank you all for your contributions! Featured Image: Nagin Lake: Lake Tsongmo: _East_Sikkim.jpg Chandra Tal: Sela Tal: Krishansar Lake: Gurudongmar Lake: Tso Kar Lake: Rewalsar Lake: