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  • My City My WayP.V.Sriram

  • This android application provides commuter a full information about the urban transit system which we have or will have in our cityWelcome to My City My Way app

  • Add a user account to save and check your most used transport system kind and its route.Bookmark my way!

  • We have these much of facilities in our city!

    So lets ride all of them!Lets take a tour

  • I want to leave to YYY ,

    Wait . . .

    How can I plan my travel from XXX now?Let me catch a bus

  • Let me decide a route ..

    But what fare it would be and different routes I cantake nowNo, I wanna take a train!

  • Before I leave now, let me check whetherI can plan a program today or not firstIs that all OK outside?

  • Wait, I think city has some rules thatall of us need to follow So can I explore the city?

  • Thank god! I'm located at a place whereI'm familiar with!

    Lets not panic. Am I safe near?

  • Lets know all of events thats gonna happenaround me and then I'll take a rideWhats my program actually?

  • Whats Next then?

    Definitely cannot be a newbie with this tech stuff in my mobile.

    Journey made ease with app!

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