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<ul><li><p>LIMOUSINE SERVICE CHICAGO CAN HELP YOU GET THE MOST OUT OF </p><p>YOUR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES.</p><p>Like the city we call home, we believe that what we have to offer is second to </p><p>none. Our first class Chicago limo service with a 5-star fleet can provide you </p><p>with every type of vehicle you need. More than that, we have a friendly team of </p><p>Chicago Limos transportation experts that will work with you to make sure the </p><p>vehicle type is right, and that the scheduling is perfect, so you dont have to </p><p>worry about a thing.</p></li><li><p>There are many Chicago charter buses from which to choose.</p><p>There are many companies that provide a charter bus rental Chicago. The one you choose can make </p><p>a significant impact on the overall enjoyment for everyone as well as getting to your destination on </p><p>time.</p><p></p></li><li><p>Some companies dont provide 24/7 customer service.</p></li><li><p>Ultimately, it comes down to safety, reliability, and keeping everyone together. When youre </p><p>able to keep the entire group in one place, all arriving at the same time, and no one has to </p><p>worry about driving, traffic delays, parking, parking fees, and other annoyances, it can make </p><p>the entire trip more enjoyable.</p><p>If youre looking for transportation for a special event, either for prom, college aged friends, </p><p>or anything similar, party bus rentals Chicago can be a great way to celebrate whatever </p><p>special event is going on. Get instant free price quotes for your all transportation services in </p><p>Chicago IL.</p><p></p></li><li><p>UP TO 40 PASSENGERS</p><p>Weve made finding convenient shuttle buses and professional drivers easy. Our shuttles are available 24/7 for safety </p><p>and ease of accessibility.</p><p>Contact UsOur Location: 444 N. Michigan Ave. , Suite 1200 </p><p>Chicago, IL 60611Phone: (312) 757-4634</p><p>Fax: (312) 757-4634Email:</p></li></ul>