ROAM Women's Adventures India Tour

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ROAM Women's Adventures India Tour, women only tour of Northern India

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  • 1.IMPORTANT NOTES Travel to India requires a passport valid six months beyond your return date and a minimumof two (2) blank VISA pages in your passport.It is important to reconrm all of your commercial ight arrangements with the relevantairline at least 48 hours prior to departure. Please ask ask us if you need assistance.Travel to India may require specic vaccinations. Please contact your travel healthcareprofessional for more information.Entry into India: A passport and visa are required.A visa for India can be obtained in advance.Please contact us for details and assistance.CONTACT -If youre excited by the thought of joining one of our Active, Small Group WomensTours or Safaris to Africa, India or Vietnam and Cambodia then now is the time toreserve your space. The earlier you book the more you save! Once youre ROAMadventure trip is booked, your trip price is guaranteed NOT to increase. Otherwise,prices are subject to change.Our Travel Consultants are available to respond to questions and inquiries... By email : 7 days a week - 24 hours a day - We try to respond within 24 hours ofreceiving your inquiry. By telephone : Monday - Friday : 10 am to 4 pm EST

2. ITINERARYDAY #1 - ARRIVE DELHIArrive in New Delhi by flight at the New Terminal T3. Traditional Indian Welcome at the airport withgarlands. Transfer to our hotel.About DELHI: New Delhi, the capital and the third largest city of India is a fusion of the ancient andthe modern. Delhi unwinds a picture rich with culture, architecture and human diversity, deep inhistory, monuments, museums, galleries, gardens and exotic shows. Comprising of two contrastingyet harmonious parts, the Old Delhi and New Delhi, the city is a travel hub of Northern India.Narrating the citys Mughal past, Old Delhi, takes you through the labyrinthine streets passing throughformidable mosques, monuments and forts. The imperial city of New Delhi displays the finely curvedarchitecture of British Raj. It generates a mesmerizing charm reflecting well-composed and spaciousstreets.Overnight Radisson Blu Marina B/L/DDAY #2 - OLD & NEW DELHI CYCLE RICKSHAW RIDE THROUGH OLD DELHI COOKINGCLASSAfter hotel check-in and breakfast, well enjoy sightseeing of New & Old Delhi with an Englishspeaking guide and will visit the following:INDIA GATE: It is a 42m high stone arch of triumph. It bears the name of the 85,000 Indian ArmySoldiers who died in the campaigns of World War I, the North-West Frontiers operations and the 1919Afghan Fiasco. Below the arch is the memorial to the Unknown Soldier. India Gate is surrounded bygreen lawns and trees.Well pass by RED FORT, built in red sandstone this imposing fort has some emotions andsentiments attached with the Indian independence as the tricolor flutters on the top of this gate. On15th August the Indian Prime minister addresses the nation from here.Afternoon Activity: A great way to see and experience old Delhi, well enjoy a Cycle Rickshaw ridethrough its narrow lanes. 3. About HUMAYUNS TOMB: Built by the wife of Humayun, Haji Begum, in the mid 16th century, thisred sandstone structure is considered to be the predecessor of Taj Mahal. The structure is one of thebest examples of Mughal Architecture. Humayuns wife is also buried in the red and white sandstone,black and yellow marble tomb.About QUTAB MINAR: In 1199, Qutb-ud-din raised the Qutab Minar either as a victory tower or as aminaret to the adjacent mosque. From a base of 14.32 meters it tapers to 2.75 meters at a height of72.5 meters. It is still the highest stone tower in India, one of the finest Islamic structures ever raisedand Delhis recognized landmark.Evening Activity: Evening Cooking Class followed by a Welcome Dinner.Overnight Radisson Blu Marina B/L/DDAY#3 - DELHI TO AGRA THE TAJ MAHALAfter breakfast, depart for the Mughal City of Agra arriving at the Hotel ITC Mughal which boasts of anaward winning Spa "Kaya Kalp".Morning Activity : After settling in at the hotel, we depart to discover and visit The Monument of Love The Taj Mahal.About The TAJ MAHAL: Sheer poetry in marble. Majesty and magnificence, unrivalled. The TajMahal, the one and only one of its kind across the world. The monumental labour of love of a great 4. ruler for his beloved queen. The ultimate realization of Emperor Shahjahans dream. One of thewonders of the world. From 1631 A.D., it took 22 years in the making. An estimated 20,000 peopleworked to complete the enchanting mausoleum, on the banks of the Yamuna.Overnight at ITC Mughal B/L/DAbout ITC Mughal - Sprawled over 35 acres of luxurious gardens, and in close proximity to the TajMahal, ITC Mughal is a fitting tribute to the great Mughal builders of the past. The only Indian hotel tohave won the prestigious Aga Khan Award for its excellent representation of Mughal architecture, itnow boasts of a brand new accommodation wing - the Khwab Mahal - Palace of Dreams.Comprising of 42 opulent rooms and suites, they resemble Miniature Palaces recreating a paradisefor the contemporary Mogul- full of splendor and perfection which was the hallmark of the MughalDynasty.DAY #4- AGRA BHARATPUR THE LOST CITY FATEHPUR SIKRI JAIPUR RAJASTHANI GALA NIGHTMorning Activity : After breakfast, we depart for the pink city of Jaipur stopping enroute to visit TheLost City Fatehpur Sikri.About FATEHPUR SIKRI: The imperial city of the Mughal dynasty between and 1584, Fatehpur Sikriwas built by Mughal Emperor Akbar. The architectural grandeur of this deserted city cannot bedescribed in words and one can only experience the aura of its magnificent edifices by seeing them. 5. Fatehpur Sikri is the most popular day excursion from Agra, the city of Taj and capital of invincibleMughals for a long time.After seeing this fascinating complex, we stop for lunch at Laxmi Vilas Palace in Bharatpur.After lunch, we head to Jaipur arriving at the Jai Mahal Palace.About JAIPUR: Jaipur is a reservoir of the architectural wonders embracing the rich legacy of India.The remnants of the bygone era boast of the royalty of Jaipur. There are many forts and monumentsin Jaipur that are worth seeing. Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort are the three antiqueforts that provide the spectacular view of the city. In the heart of Jaipur, there lies the stunning CityPalace. The Pink city marks its impact with the sight of the amazing Hawa Mahal.Evening Activity : Depart for a memorable Rajasthani Gala Night and dinner.Overnight Alsisar Haveli B/L/DAbout Alsisar Haveli - More than five centuries ago, the grandson of Maharaja Udaikaran of Amer,the great warrior Maharao Shekhaji, founded a sub-clan popularly known as "Shekhawat". The AlsisarHotels is owned by this branch of the "Kachawa" clan of Rajputs. The descendants of the family havesince restructured and refurbished many of the old family mansions (also known as "Haveli") alongwith the new hotel properties, to give the traveler a taste of true regal splendor with modern dayamenities. Built in 1892, a noblemans town house, restored to perfection, Alsisar Haveli lies tuckedaway in the heart of Pink City of Jaipur. Converted to a heritage hotel in 1994, it has beenaesthetically restored, incorporating in itself the grandeur of traditional Rajput architecture withrambling courtyards, serene alcoves and lush greenery. It promises to be a magical experience thatcaptures the romance of another century. Alsisar Haveli is the oldest among all the heritageproperties of the Alsisar Group of Hotels.DAY #5 - JAIPUR ELEPHANT RIDE THE AMBER FORTAfter breakfast, depart for an excursion to Amber Fort with a our guide:Morning Actvity : Enjoy an Elephant Ride up to the Palace just like they used to in yesteryears ! 6. About AMBER (pronounced Amer) - it is situated about 11 kilometres from Jaipur and was theancient citadel of the ruling Kachhawa clan of Amber, before the capital was shifted in the plains topresent day Jaipur.About THE AMBER FORT: The Amber Fort is located 11 km north to Jaipur. This fort had been thecapital of Kachchwaha Rajputs. Later, Sawai Jai Singh changed the capital to Jaipur. The Amber fortwas one of the popular sights of attraction in Jaipur, where the tourists can enjoy elephant rides fromthe bottom of the Amber fort to the hilltop. Constructed by Raja Man Singh I in 1592 and completedby Sawai Jai Singh I the fort is made in red sand stone and white marble. The rugged forbiddingexterior belies an inner paradise with a beautiful fusion of art and architecture. Amber is the classicand romantic fort- palace with a magnificent aura. The interior wall of the palace depicts expressivepainting scenes with carvings, precious stones and mirror settings.About HAWA MAHAL: Hawa Mahal is located in the Tripolia Bazaar to the west of GPO. Built to letthe ladies of royal harem watch the royal processions, Hawa Mahal is not a palace as the namesuggests. Hawa Mahal is the part of the east wall of the City Palace complex. Most well known ofJaipurs buildings, one can have the best views of this great building from the street outside. AboutTHE CITY PALACE: A major part of the City Palace has been converted in a museum. Remainingpart of the palace is still being used by the royal family of Jaipur as residence. The palace is built inthe fortified campus style and covers almost seventh part of Jaipur. There are different sections of themuseum dedicated to subjects like arms and ammunition, textile and costume, and art gallery. Someimportant palaces in this complex include the Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Diwan-I-Aam, andDiwan-I-Khas. 7. About JANTAR MANTAR OR THE ASTRONIMICAL OBSERVATORY: Translated into Instrumentsof Measuring the Harmony of the Heavens, Jantar Mantar was built by Sawai Jai Singh between1728 and 1734. Jantar Mantar is a grand celebration of astronomical science and each instrumenthere serves a particular function and gives an accurate reading. Major Yantras or instruments thatyou can watch moving clockwise are: Small Samrat, Dhruv