ROAM Women's Adventures Kili Climb & Tanzania Safari

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ROAM Women's Adventures Kili Climb & Tanzania Safari

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  • 1.IMPORTANT NOTESTravel to Africa requires a passport valid six months beyond your return date and a minimumof two (2) blank VISA pages in your passport (if you are visiting more than one country inAfrica, you must have an additional blank visa page available for each country).It is important to reconrm all of your commercial ight arrangements with the relevantairline at least 48 hours prior to departure. Please ask ask us if you need assistance.Travel to Africa, including Tanzania may require a vaccination against Yellow Fever. Pleasecontact your travel healthcare professional for more information. Be sure to carry your yellowvaccination card with you during travel as you may be required to present it at immigration.Entry into Tanzania: A passport and visa are required.A visa for Tanzania can be obtainedupon arrival.CONTACT -If youre excited by the thought of joining one of our Active, Small Group WomensTours or Safaris to Africa, India or Vietnam and Cambodia then now is the time toreserve your space. The earlier you book the more you save! Once youre ROAMadventure trip is booked, your trip price is guaranteed NOT to increase. Otherwise,prices are subject to change.Our Travel Consultants are available to respond to questions and inquiries... By email : 7 days a week - 24 hours a day - We try to respond within 24 hours ofreceiving your inquiry. By telephone : Monday - Friday : 10 am to 4 pm EST

2. ITINERARYDAY #1 - DEPART USA/CANADA/YOUR HOME FOR AMSTERDAM, HOLLANDToday travelers depart the USA/Canada/From Home on an overnight international flight toAmsterdam, Netherlands.Overnight flight - DDAY #2 - ARRIVE AMSTERDAM, HOLLANDTravelers arrive throughout the day to Amsterdam, Netherlands. A ROAM associate will meettravelers at their arrival at the Amsterdam airport to transfer to our airport hotel. Travelers may wish toexplore downtown Amsterdam during the day or simply rest from jet lag in preparation for our flightthe next morning.Please note: It is not possible to fly from the US/Canada to East Africa in one "direct" overnight flight.For this reason, travelers fly to Amsterdam where the group meets and overnights at a local airporthotel. The following day (Day #3), we then continue on, as a group, with the next leg of our adventureflying on Day #3 "direct" to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.Overnight airport hotel Amsterdam - L, DDAY #3 - DEPART FROM AMSTERDAM TO KILIMANJARO AIRPORT, TANZANIA, AFRICA,ARRIVE TANZANIAToday we depart from Amsterdam for our direct flight to Tanzania, Africa. On arrival at the KilimanjaroAirport, after completing customs, immigrations and collecting our luggage, we will be met by ourdestination specialist representative who will transfer us to Arusha National Park to our camp situatedat the base of Mount Meru, a 14,900-foot volcano, also nick-named "baby Kili". Along the way you willspotlight for nocturnal wildlife. The camp is at an elevation of about 6,000 feet, which aids in 3. acclimatization for the Kilimanjaro climb. Upon arrival we will enjoy a buffet dinner.Overnight Private Camp - DDAY #4 - MOUNT MERUToday we will have a chance to recuperate from the long flight, check our equipment, and have athorough trip briefing on what to expect on the climb. There will also be time to hike along the forestedslopes of Mount Meru, which has a history similar to that of Mount St. Helens in Washington, in thathalf the mountain was blown away by a violent volcanic explosion. Merus eruption occurred some250,000 years ago, though, and great forests of African cedar and podocarpus have since grown upto cover its crater and slopes. On our hike, we have the chance to see colobus monkeys, bushbuckand duiker, buffalo, giraffe, and perhaps elephant or (rarely) leopard. The forest bird life is excellentand includes touracos, hornbills, and parrots. Weather permitting, we can enjoy the sunset from asmall hill beside camp and view the alpenglow descend on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.Overnight Arusha National Park - B/L/DDAY #5 - BEGIN TREK ON KILIMANJARO 4. This morning, we drive 2 hours to the starting point of the MachameRoute, four miles past the village of Machame on the southeast side of Kilimanjaro. We begin hikingat about 6,400 feet and follow a windingtrail up through montane forest and into stands of giant heather, to campnear the Machame Hut at 10,000. The forest can be wet at any timeof the year, so we can expect a real tropical experience as we climbover roots and through giant fern forests with tangled vinesand creepers. Buffet lunch en route. (6-7 hours hiking, 8 miles)Overnight Machame Camp - B/L/DDAY #6 - SHIRA CAMPToday we will climb up to our destination above the Shira Plateau at 12,650. A steep trail leads out ofthe giant heather and onto a ridge that commands wide vistas of both the Shira Plateau and theplains to the west (5 hours hiking, 3 miles).Overnight Shira Camp - B/L/DDAY #7 - BARRANCO CAMPToday, we will trek east toward the Kibo Massif, we follow a ridge and climb toward the large rockoutcrop of Lava Tower (15,100) before veering off and down toward camp. Our destination is thebase of the Great Barranco, a steep canyon emerging from Kilimanjaro Great Breach Wall, which isfilled with hundreds of outlandish giant senecio and lobelia plants. The afro-alpine scenery here isfantastic and the views of the Breach Wall and Kilis southern glaciers are better than from any otherpoint on the mountain. Our camp is at 13,000. (6 hours hiking, 6 miles)Overnight Barranco Camp - B/L/D 5. DAY #8 - KARANGA CAMPThis morning we will continue our hike as the elevation starts to really set in here. After a few hourswe reach a short but steep climb up the start of the Western Breach of Kibo emerging onto a smallplateau after about one and a half hours. Camp is made here, and the rest of the day is spentrelaxing or exploring the Big Breach glacier to the south of the camp. This is a relatively short daymeant for acclimatizing. (4-5 hours hiking, 3 miles)Overnight Karanga Camp - B/L/DDAY #9 - BARAFU CAMPToday we will have a relatively short hike to Barafu Camp. From Karanga we head up a ridge takingour time and going slowly. The views here can be spectacular on the southern glaciers of the glacialvalleys that snake their way down the mountain. The final stage to Barafu Camp is quite steep, andas always we take it very slowly. As with the day before, we reach camp by around lunch time leavinglots of time to relax and rest up for the summit day. In the evening our guides will brief us on the finalascent. (4-5 hours hiking, 2.5 miles)Overnight Barafu Camp - B/L/DDAY #10 - CRATER CAMPToday we will hike to the crater floor of Kilimanjaro. The high altitude of Crater Camp makes it aphysically demanding experience, but the reward is a radical scene of towering glaciers rising fromthe harsh rock landscape. (6-8 hours hiking, 2 miles)Overnight Crater Camp - B/L/D 6. DAY #11 - SUMMIT DAY!This morning we will rise with the sun for our 1,000-foot summit bid (we should be at the summit by9:00am). The rewards of seeing the summit crater glaciers and surreal views of the African plainsnearly three miles below you are well worth the effort. After a short stop for summit photos and mutualcongratulations, we descend on the Mweka Route past Barafu, a direct descent of the mountain. Afterlunch and a short rest at Barafu, we continue to our camp at Mweka (10,200) where a deliciousdinner of fresh vegetables, bread, fish or chicken and dessert await us. (8+hours hiking; 8 miles)Overnight Summit, Mweka Camp - B/L/DDAY #12 - END TREK, CELEBRATIONToday we will hike 5 miles back through the rainforest to the Mweka Gate where we will meet ourvehicle for the drive to the Dik-Dik Hotel for a celebratory dinner and overnight.Overnight Dik-Dik Hotel - B/L/DDAY #13 - NGORONGORO CRATER HIGHLANDSThis morning after breakfast, we will be met and transferred into the highlands above NgorongoroCrater (approximate drive time: 4 hrs) where well make a steep but relatively easy ascent of about an 7. hour through montane forest for fantastic views of the surrounding Crater Highlands. Here well alsomeet the fascinating Maasai, pastoralists who have lived in harmony with the northern Tanzanianecosystem for centuries. Well be welcomed into their boma (homestead), and greeted with traditionalwelcome dances, noted for athletic leaps and earth-shaking stomping. Well also have the opportunityto ask extensive questions about this traditional culture. Our hosts will also have the chance to askquestions about our own culture as we visit their homes. Continue to our private camp in the craterhighlands for overnight.Overnight Private Camp - B/L/DDAY #14 - NGORONGORO CRATEREarly this morning, after breakfast, we board our Land Cruisers for the descent into NgorongoroCrater-truly one of the great natural wonders of the world- for a fabulous day of wildlife observation onthe Eden like crater floor. A spectacular setting for wildlife is presented within its 102-square-milecrater framed by steep green walls. It is almost entirely open country, so wildlife is in full visibility, awonderful opportunity for photography and meaningful observations. Well have six hours of wildlifeviewing in the crater. This evening there will be an opportunity for a sunset ridge hike andparticipation in an Ol Pul (meat fest) festival with our new Maasai friends are highlights of this visit.Return to our private camp for dinner and overnight.Overnight Private Camp - B/L/D 8. DAY #15 - OLDUPAI GORGE- SERENGETIToday we descend from the Crater Highlands into the Serengeti Plains. En route we pass throughOldupai Gorge, where Louis and Mary Leakey made some of the most important discoveries in thesearch for early man. Well visit the simple Oldupai Museum, which documents the Rift Valleyspaleoanthropological history. We will continue northwards into Serengetis kopje country arriving atcamp in time for lunch and an afternoon game drive. We will spend two nights here.Ove