ROAM Women's Adventures Vietnam & Cambodia Trip

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ROAM Women's Adventures Vietnam & Cambodia Trip - an active adventure


  • 1.IMPORTANT NOTES Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia requires a passport valid six months beyond your return dateand a minimum of two (2) blank VISA pages in your passport.It is important to reconrm all of your commercial ight arrangements with the relevantairline at least 48 hours prior to departure. Please ask ask us if you need assistance.Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia may require specic vaccinations. Please contact your travelhealthcare professional for more information.Entry into Vietnam and Cambodia: A passport and visa are required.A visa for both countriescan be obtained in advance. Please contact us for details and assistance.CONTACT -If youre excited by the thought of joining one of our Active, Small Group WomensTours or Safaris to Africa, India or Vietnam and Cambodia then now is the time toreserve your space. The earlier you book the more you save! Once youre ROAMadventure trip is booked, your trip price is guaranteed NOT to increase. Otherwise,prices are subject to change.Our Travel Consultants are available to respond to questions and inquiries... By email : 7 days a week - 24 hours a day - We try to respond within 24 hours ofreceiving your inquiry. By telephone : Monday - Friday : 10 am to 4 pm EST

2. ITINERARYDAY #1 - ARRIVE SAIGON (HO CHI MINH CITY)Arrival in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) - Transfer - * Drinking water and towel included throughout tour *Overnight in Majestic Saigon 5* (colonial room) - L, DDAY #2 - SAIGON (HO CHI MINH CITY) CITY TOUR TAI CHI LESSON CU CHI TUNNELS PASSAGE TO VIETNAM CRAFTS VILLAGEAfter breakfast we attend a morning Tai Chi lesson in the park (transport to the Park via TUK TUK,a popular local form of transportation).Afterwards we participate in an excursion to Cu Chi Tunnels. Never discovered by Americanforces, the CU CHI TUNNELS were an important Vietcong base during the American War. Stretchingover 200 km, this incredible underground network, dug by hand out of hard laterite, connectedcommand posts, hospitals, shelter and weapon factories. Today, you can walk through the area andlearn about the day-to-day life of the VC, see the cleverly disguised entrances and elaborate booby-traps, and even venture inside the tunnels, some of which have been modified to accommodatevisitors.Afternoon excursion to "Passage to Vietnam" Crafts Village. Upon arrival, we are welcome at thereception area, taste some of the Thai Nguyen tea and prepare for the tour. Start visiting the Vietnam- Country and People area, including Passage to the Origins, Altar of the Nation, VietnamDeclarations of Independence.We end our day with a short sightseeing visit of Saigon city - Visit Notre Dame Cathedral.NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL: built between 1877 and 1883, is set in the heart of Saigonsgovernment quarter. It has a neo-Romanesque form and two high square towers, tipped with ironspires. In front of the cathedral is a statue of the Virgin Mary. 3. Visit Central Post Office - CENTRAL POST OFFICE: this is a French-style building with its glasscanopy and iron frame right next to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The structure was built between 1886and 1891 and is by far the largest post office in Vietnam.Visit Ben Thanh Market - BEN THANH MARKET: this is the central market of Saigon and the marketand the surrounding streets make up one of the citys liveliest areas. Everything commonly eaten,worn or used by the average resident of Saigon is available here.Overnight in Majestic Saigon 5* (colonial room) - B/L/DDAY #3 - SAIGON (HO CHI MINH CITY) DANANG CHAM MUSEUM HOI AN BY CYCLOTransfer - Internal Flight from Saigon to Danang. - Transfer.Visit Cham Museum.CHAM MUSEUM: this houses probably the best collection of Cham art to be found anywhere in theworld. There are more than 300 artifacts in the museum, many dating to the 4th century. There arebeautiful sculptures reflecting the 1000 year Cham period. 4. Continue By vehicle from Danang to Hoi An.Journey south past the Marble Mountains and small villages, stunning and breath-taking countryside.Sightseeing in Hoi An by cyclo.Enjoy a CYCLO RIDE through the cobbled streets, past low tile-roofed buildings, the bustling centralMARKET and the small HARBOUR where colorfully painted boats are moored. The tour will include 5places. Visit a PRIVATE HOUSE, where members of the same family have lived continuously forcenturies in a traditional setting; and to a typical ASSEMBLY HALL. Continue to one of a MUSEUM inthe heritage town. Visit a TEMPLE and a HANDICRAFT WORKSHOP in Hoi An where local productsare being made by the industry itself.Overnight Life Heritage Resort Hoi An 4* (superior garden view room) - B/L/DConde Nast celebrates Life Heritage Resort Hoi An on its 2010 Gold List of Places to Stay.DAY #4 - HOI AN BICYCLE TO TRA QUE VEGETABLE VILLAGE (OR TAKE A CYCLOINSTEAD)Excursion to Tra Que vegetable village by bicycle (or by cyclo alternatively).Travel by bicycle (or cyclo alternatively) from Hoi An through the surrounding countryside and pastrice paddies to TRA QUE VILLAGE, located on a quiet stream. Tra Que village is famed throughoutVietnam for the quality and variety of its vegetable and herbs, grown using a special method oforganic farming. Tour the gardens with a local farmer, with explanations of the different plants. Jointhe farmers in preparing the land and fertilizing it with seaweed from the local lake. Continue doing 5. next steps such as raking the ground, sowing, watering greens, picking grrens and many moregardening activities. Return to the farmers house and learn how to prepare special dishes with localfamily before going back to Hoi An.Enjoy lunch at a farmer house in Tra Que Village.Afternoon in Hoi An.Overnight Life Heritage Resort Hoi An 4* (superior garden view room) - B/L/DDAY #5 - HUE THUY BIEU VILLAGE COUNTRY WALK TO THUY BIEU VILLAGEExcursion to Thuy Bieu village with lunch at local house.Arrival Thuy Bieu, an authentic village representing the countryside of Hue with the clear notion"garden-home". Relaxing by steeping your foot in with medicinal herb water - a traditional therapeuticpractice. Lunch at a local house.Afternoon excursion - a nice country walk to Thuy Bieu village (7km).Along the walk we have opportunity to admire the quiet and superb landscape of Hue: rice fields, fruittrees and vegetable gardens, communal houses, a primary school and a traditional cemetery in thevalley. We will visit a garden-home and have contact with local people. We will have chance to visit ahomemade incense production household and discover the life of the farmers while they are workingstrenuously yet joyfully and with enthusiasm.Overnight Pilgrimage Village 4* (Deluxe Villa) - B/L/DDAY #6 - HUE NGOC SON TEMPLE HANOI WATER PUPPET SHOWTransfer - Internal Flight from Hue to Hanoi. - Transfer. 6. Sightseeing in Hanoi.Head to HOAN KIEM LAKE and Ngoc Son Temple, located in heart of Hanoi, which contains an isletwith the tiny TORTOISE PAGODA. From there, walking to explore the OLD QUARTER. Thisfascinating network of narrow alleys and shop houses is also known as The 36 Streets, each streetbeing named after the merchandise traditionally sold there, ranging from fabrics to crafts to medicinesto tombstones. A handicraft lover paradise and a endlessly interesting place to explore local life.Afterwards, visit the MUSEUM OF ETHNOLOGY, which brings to life the astonishing ethnic diversityin Vietnam, with art and artifacts from the 54 different ethnic groups that inhabit the country. Inside themuseum are detailed descriptions of minority groups, with examples of their traditional clothing andway of life. Outside are faithful reconstructions of traditional longhouses, cemeteries and otherdistinctive ethnic buildings.Visit a Water Puppet Show and talk with Water Puppeteers.Overnight Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel 5* (premium room/Opera wing) - B/L/DDAY #7 - HANOI COOKING CLASS MARKET VISIT WITH CHEF AFTERNOON AT LEISURECooking class with Chef Corlou with market visit (Private).Welcome cocktail by Chef Corlou at his private mansion before going to the local market, where welearn about Vietnamese herbs and spices. Participate in the cooking process with Chef Corlou toprepare 5 Vietnamese traditional dishes before enjoying a dinner of the dishes we prepared in class.Afternoon at leisure in Hanoi. 7. Overnight Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel 5* (premium room/Opera wing) - B/L/DDAY #8 - HANOI GIANG MO MAI CHAU BUOC VILLAGEBy vehicle from Hanoi to Mai Chau with visits to minority villages enroute.Travel into HOA BINH and MAI CHAU provinces, the beginning of the northwest highlands, home tomany different ethnic minorities. First stop is the Muong village of GIANG MO in Hoa Binh. This smallvillage of traditional stilt houses is nestled among rice paddies, against picturesque hills. Continueinto Mai Chau province along scenic rice paddies to LAC VILLAGE, inhabited mainly by White Thai.Sightseeing in Mai Chau (including Buoc, Lac & Pomcoong).We continue on to Buoc village for a visit. Buoc is one of the most beautiful white Thai ethnic villages.The village still maintains the rustic and typical life of the ethnic white Thai minority. Lunch in Buocvillage, then drive back to Mai Chau. Walk around Lac & Pomcoong villages to experience morefeatures of white Thai monority.Overnight Mai Chau Lodge 3* (deluxe pool and mountain view room) - B/L/DDAY #9 - MAI CHAU NINH BINH 8. Sightseeing in Mai Chau (including Xa Linh & Pa Co).This morning we leave Mai Chau for Hmong village of XA LINH and PA CO. We will participate in alocal walk today to discover the local villages and see how people live. Enjoy the small jungle of plumtrees, peach trees and persimom tree along the trail.Overnight Ana Mandara Ninh Binh 5* (superior room) - B/L/DDAY #10 - MAI CHAU NINH BINH HALONG JASMINE CRUISE KAYAKING TIEN ONGCAVECruise aboard the Halong Jasmine with kayaking through Ha Long Bay, day 1 of 2.Welcome on board and set sail through Bai Tu Long bay while seafood lunch is served. Rest youreyes on the azure waters of this magical bay, where thousands of sculpted limestone islands risefrom the waves like dragons teeth, passing picturesque area around Mat Quy islet, Am islet.Mid afternoon, cruise to Cua Van fishing village.Enjoy a pleasant bamboo row through the village with floating homes. Visit Tien Ong cave beforegoing back on board for sunset cocktail. Dinner is served onboard.Overnight Ha Long Jasmine Cruise 4* Jasmine (Premium cabin) - B/L/D 9. DAY #11 - HALONG JASMINE CRUISE - KAYAKING HANOI COOKING DEMONSTRATIONCruise aboard the Halong Jasmine with kayaking through Ha Long Bay, day 2 of 2.Start the day early to enjoy a Tai Chi class on top deck with an opportunity to admire the magnificentscenery of sunrise over the sea. Deep cruise into Bai Tu Long bay, passing Peal Farm, Phao Daiislet, Tam Cung cave, Hon Xep islet, Dau Moi temple while joining our chef for cooking demonstrationto learn more about Vietnamese cuisine art. Enjoy buffet brunch on board before arrival to the dock.By vehicle from Ha Long to Hanoi with sightseeing at a water puppet village.Welcomed by the head of the troupe of puppets to a water puppet village in the countryside ofVietnam which is located in the Red River Delta of northeastern. Stop at the communal house to visitand understand more about the water puppet in the past, present and future. Enjoy a water puppetshow.Overnight Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel 5* (Premium Room/Opera Wing) - B/L/DDAY #12 - HANOI (VIETNAM) TO SIEM REAP (ANGKOR WAT - CAMBODIA) ANGKOR THOM ELEPHANT RIDETransfer - Included Commercial Flight from Hanoi, Vietnam to Siem Reap, Cambodia - Transfer.Arrival in Siem Reap - Sightseeing in Angkor.The fortified city of ANGKOR THOM covers an area of 10 square km. Enclosed by a wall and wide 10. moats, the city includes many of Angkors most popular sights. Enter by the monumental SOUTHGATE over a causeway lined on either side by statues of demons and gods, each carrying a giantnaga. Continue to the TERRACE OF THE ELEPHANTS and the TERRACE OF THE LEPER KINGS,former spaces for public cermonies, both adorned with dramatic bas reliefs. Visit the ruinedBAPHUON, ROYAL ENCLOSURE and PHIMEANAKAS before continuing to the mysterious BAYONTEMPLE. In this temple, one of the most popular and compelling in Angkor, explore the galleries ofbeautifully preserved bas reliefs and ascend narrow stairs to reach the central sanctuary, where youwill find giant stone faces smiling enigmatically down at you from every angle.Watch the sun set over the Cambodian countryside from the upper terraces of an ancient Angkoriantemple.Elephant ride around Angkor Thom.Overnight Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa 5* (superior room) - B/L/DDAY #13 - SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA COOKING CLASS MARKET TOUR WITH CHEF KAMPONG KLEANGCooking class at Paul Dubrule and Tourism School with a market visit.Discover the secrets of Cambodian food with Executive Chef including market tour and shoppinglocal foods. Introduction to Cambodian herbs and ingredients for cooking. Enjoy lunch with the foodyou have prepared.Excursion to the Kampong Kleang with boat trip.Kampong Kleang is located about 50 km from Siem Reap town. The place is situated northeast shoreon the edge of Tonle Sap Lake. The road to the site is good but rather narrow. This boat trip willexplore the floating fishing villages that live at the edges of the lake, passing submerged forests andfishing farms.Visit the Chantiers Ecoles (Artisans dAngkor).LES CHANTIERS ECOLES: vocational centre trains 650 apprentices a year including 160 in fine artsand crafts trades united in the Artisan dAngkor production network. Guided tours through the differentworkshops like stone sculpture, woodcarving, polychromie, and watch the artisan at work. 11. Overnight Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa 5* (superior room) - B/L/DDAY #14 - SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA DEPARTURE FOR RETURN HOMEMorning at leisure. Transfer to Siem Reap airport for our return flights home - B 12. TRIP DATE - May 4-17, 2013 (14 days/13 nights)TOTAL PER PERSON - $4,495 per person, land-all-inclusive--optional single supplement (if wanting your own private room, no sharing) - add $1,290 per personRoom-shares guaranteed on all trips, if you dont want to pay a single supplement fee.Group Size - 24 personsTrip Rating - Easy to ModerateBook Your ROAM Adventure 24 hours a day/7 days a weekTo reserve your place on our ROAM-Zimbabwe Safari, please click here to access our online booking information page orcontact Christy Destremau at ROAM Womens Adventures by email at or call 1-877-814-6864to request a booking form and to ask any questions you might have about this trip.Travelers can also reserve their space on any ROAM adventure trip or safari by completing, signing and submitting ourbooking form (Adobe pdf format) by fax or email to our office, or by completing the Paypal deposit payment option locatedat the bottom of each trip destinations itinerary page and on our BOOK NOW pag...