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South India tour packages


<ul><li> 1. South India Tour Packages<br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. South India Tour Packages<br />South Indian tour packages consist of a trip to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala. It also includes a trip to Lakshadweep. The blend of festivals and rituals will definitely bring you a warm experience of the southern region of India. The main attraction of South India tour package is its reasonable rate and the natives here like treating their guests very much.<br /> 3. If you worry about the language, its very difficult to understand. But its not a problem an English speaking guide will help you in that. The variety of cuisines offered by the natives also add a special delight to the travelers.<br /> The places that includes in South Indian tour packages are;<br /> 4. Tiruchirappallia few kilometers from Madras Today Tiruchirappalli is a place wherehistory and tradition lies. In this modern age-a pilgrim center as well as a thriving commercial city.<br /> Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is a heady mixture of heritage, traditionally hospitality and a thriving software revolution. A revolution that has already attracted Microsoft to set its only overseas base here. <br /> 5. The fifth largest city in India and has a population of over 2.2 million. Hyderabad is famous world over for its fabulous Diamond markets, glass embedded bangles and the delectable Hyderabad cuisine. It has a Hindu - Muslim culture with a number of monuments of historical importance. <br /> 6. Legend says that in 1589 Muhammad QuliQutub Shah, the fifth ruler of the QutubShahi dynasty founded a new city along the banks of river Musi for his ladylove, Bhagmati. The city was then called Bhagyanagar. The abode of the 'Kaliyuga' deity Lord Venkateswara, popularly known as Balaji.<br /> 7. Tirupatihas for centuries remained a destination divine and this feeling grows on one as one goes round the various temples and spots of natural beauty surrounding this major town. The land of the golden beaches was just over half a century ao a small fishing village. One would be amazed at the manner in which this port city with a natural harbour developed into one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Karnataka, called as Karunadu (elevated land) in ancient times. <br /> 8. The course of Karnataka's history and culture takes us back to pre-historic times. The earliest find of the stone age period in India was a hand axe at Lingasugur in Raichur district. The Ashoka's rock edicts found in the state indicate that major parts of Northern Karnataka were under the Mauryas.<br /> 9.<br />Contact us Unique Tours &amp; Hospitality Services"BETHESDA" , Harmony Enclave,Near UdayamperoorJn,Kochi. Pin-682307 Kerala, India.Tele/fax : 0484 2307286Mob. 0 9846066688 E-mail:<br /></p>