Summer camp garhwal himalayas

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  • 1. Summer Camp 2013

2. Garhwal Himalayas 3. 06 nights & 07 DaysActivities:Cost: 8500/- pera) River rafting.b) Cliff jump.student c) Body surfing.Inclusive:d) Swimming.e) Cliff jump.Transportation: f) Beach volleyball. By Jeeps/3x2 coach g) Trekking.h) Rock climbing & repelling.i) Rope courses.Accommodation:j) Night out.Triple sharing basis. k) Team building game.l) Sightseeing. 02 nights stay at camp Gujjar Dera. m) Camp fire. 04 night stay at camp Pegasus .Meals : All vegetarian meal 4. Camp Pegasus 5. View from camp Pegasus 6. Camp Pagasus 7. camp Pegasus 8. Rock climbing 9. Team building game 10. Night out 11. Camp Gujjar Dera 12. Camp Gujjar DeraBeach volley ball 13. Tent 14. Safety briefing Rafting gears 15. White water rafting 16. Flouting 17. Cliff Jump Camp Fire 18. Rishikesh