SWITZELAND. By Nayara & Zaira

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  • 1. Since 1848, the Swiss Confederation has been a federal state of independent cantons, some have been confederates more than seven centuries and can be considered one of the worlds oldest republics.

2. Since 1996 until now my parents have lived in the canton ofSt.Gallen, in a town called Rorschach. There is the LakeConstance (German: Bodensee), which is surrounded byGermany, Austria and Switzerland. The river Rhine entersthe lake from the south (Austria) and leaves in thewest, marking the border between Germany andSwitzerland. 3. The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe. They are in Switzerland, between the cantons of Zurich and Schaffhausen 4. Chillon Castle is located on the shores of Lake Geneva and its a greatest tourist attraction. It was an important defensive building from the Bronze Age, which was later fortified by the Romans. It is considered as a historic monument in Switzerland. 5. Freddie Mercurys ashes lie along Lake Geneva where Mercury lived his last years and where his memorial is, in the city of Montreux 6. We can visit the home of the famous story "Heidi. It is in the canton of Graubnden (border with Austria and Lichtenstein) in a town called Meinfeld. 7. The Principality of Liechtenstein is a countryin Central Europe, one of the smallest in theworld, surrounded by Switzerland to the west and eastby Austria. It is known as a fiscal paradise. Its capital is Vaduz, since 1939 the residence ofPrince, currently Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. Helives in the castle of the principality of medieval times. 8. We also found Davos, famous for hosting the WorldEconomic Forum. It is also famous for the celebration of wintersports events such asthe Spengler Cup, the tournamentsoldest hockey clubs on ice. Davos is also the largest city in Europe for altitude 9. Lucerne is considered the tourist city of Switzerland, and the Kapellbrcke is the most visited attraction for tourists. 10. This wooden bridge. It was built in 1365. Thebridge was longer, but suffered a fire. Its in Lucerne. In the center stands the Water Tower, a symbol of thecity. It is a stone tower of the Middle Ages, but has alsobeen to prison and torture chamber. 11. In Lucerne you also can visit the dying lion, asculpture carved between 1819and 1821 on a rockwall of the city of Lucerne to commemorate thedeath in 1792 of about 700 SwissGuard mercenaries during the French Revolution. Thisis not a work of size, as it is made twice the size ofa real lion. 12. Appenzell is a tourist center. It is locatedin the foothills appenzellenses at the footof Sntis Massif, the highest mountain in thewhole mountain. Is the typical Swiss village. 13. Sntis Massif, the highest mountain in the whole mountain. 14. THE END NAYARA LPEZ SNCHEZZAIRA CAADA GLVEZ1 PHARMACY