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Talabgaon Castle, Rajasthan

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Introducing Talabgaon Castle — a 150 year old Fort nestled in the palm of nature — now re-imagined as a Heritage Resort.Escape to the untouched surrounds of Dausa, Rajasthan and experience rural India right on the doorsteps of the magical Talabgaon Castle.The Descendants of the Sun invite you to the heart of Rajasthan, India.The Castle recently restored has 22 luxury suite rooms and set on 150 acres of rural Rajasthan, India. You will feel at home with 24hr rooms service, beautiful garden landscaping and swimming pool. Activities include Horse riding, camel safari, jeep safari.

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2. 2 3. 4 Descended from the Sun into the Palm of NatureIntroducing Talabgaon Castle a 150 year old, beautifully Escape to the untouched surrounds of Talabgaon andrestored Fort nestled in the palm of rustic nature now experience the real Indian countryside. Descendantsre-imagined as a Heritage Resort for all to experience.of the Sun invite you to the heart of Rajasthan, India. 4. Heritage Luxury in Rajput Style 5. 8From Sun through Saltto DaggerThe history behind Talabgaon Castle began in the early In order to maintain his great loyalty he first sought18th century when Thakur Sardul Singh Kupawat Rathoreapproval to fight from Maharaja of Jodhpur and it wasof Ramasari, Jodhpur came to visit his relatives of Samodh granted. As fate would have it the war was won by Jaipurwith his army and servants. After staying in jaipur with and in honor of the true valor and loyalty shown byhis relatives for several months war broke out between the Thakur Sardul Singh ji Rathore and his men, the JagirStates of Jaipur and Jodhpur over the much sought afteror Thikana (State) of Talabgaon, and its adjoining villages,Sambhur Lake which was rich in salt deposits.were bestowed upon him to rule over.As they had eaten the salt of Jaipur the code of honor Talabgaon Castle which stands today was built in 1900among Rajputs would demand that they join the Jaipurby Thakur Vijay Singh ji Rathore, a direct decedent,side in the war and uphold this honorary tradition byand remains in the family today. Talabgaon is the onlyfighting along side them. However, doing so wouldJagir of Kupawat Rathors in the erstwhile State of Jaipurcompromise his position in the Jodhpur Court.Rajputana, India. 6. 10 A Journey into Indias RusticCountrysideExperience the stunning countryside of Rajasthan as youEnjoy a camel safari or horse trek through the countryside,set out each day from the comfort of Talabgaon Castle. visit surrounding villages and temples and stop for lunchOffering all the luxuries of a world class hotel, nestledat a traditional mud house setting on a local farm. Takein the timeless, untouched natural surrounds, where theday trips to Jaipur for sightseeing and shopping, or for thetraditional village way of life can be seen firsthand. more adventurous, venture to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. 7. 12Destination: Relax in theTalabgaon, RajasthanCastle Gardens Exclusive Lunch ExperienceBagh Bahar: Castle Gardens Dining.Whether visiting for a day, or enroute from Jaipur toAgra to Dausa NH11 new delhi Ranthambore National Park Tiger Reserve,Left onto NH12 Talabgaon Castle welcomes you.Left onto NH11AArrive at Talabgaonbookings & enquiries: [email protected] tel + 91 1431 263 311New Dehli to Jaipur NH8Via Chaksu NH12Left to Kothun NH11A NH 8Arrive at Talabgaon NH2 agraNH11 dausajaipurNH11A NH 12 talabgaon castlekothunNH11Asawai madhopur rathambore national park, tiger reserve 8. Poolsideby Day 9. 16 HeR I TAGe FoRT Vijay MahalACTIvITIeS FACILITIeSHorse Rides & Camel Safari Lessons In-room Internet AccessStick & Ball Polo GamesCredit Card Payment FacilitiesAyurvedic MassageConcierge & Butler Service on demandAstrology & PalmistryAir Conditioned RoomsObservatory TelescopeSafety Deposit BoxJaipur Shopping & Sightseeing Tour 24 Hours Room ServiceTraditional Rajasthani Music Performances24 Hours Fax and Email ServicePuppet Shows & Folk DanceInhouse Laundry/ Dry CleaningRajasthani Desert Cooking Lessons & Camp FireDoctor on CallTraditional Rajasthani Village TourTravel Assistance & Car RentalsPicnic Lunch at Mud House Farm Swimming Pool with Shower/Change Rooms 10. 18 Musicby Night 11. 20 AncientTraditions & Intricate CraftsTalabgaon inherits the rich culture of the Rajasthan region Most notably the Rajasthani Desert Festival is celebratedreflecting the ancient Indian way of life. Taking you backevery winter whereby the people of the desert dance andin time to the simple way of life within a timeless setting.sing, dressed in brilliantly hued costumes depicting talesThere are rich and varied cultures within the villagesof valor, romance and tragedy. There are many fairs withwhich is often depicted as symbolic of the state. Rich in snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats and folk performersmusic and dance culture with its own distinct style thatwith camels always playing a magical role throughout.plays a major part of the local traditions and clebrations.The songs often depict everyday life from realtionships toOften refererred to as one of the worlds most popularday-to-day chores often focused around simple, meditative shopping destinations, Rajasthan is famous for textiles,tasks like fetching water from wells or ponds.semi-precious stones. Known for it highly detailedhandcrafted jewellery, clothing and intricately carvedThe main religious festivals are Deepawali, Holi, Gangaur,furniture. Rajasthani goods are in high demand to bothTeej, Gogaji, Makar Sankranti and Janmashtami. The main travellers and locals alike due to its reputable quality atreligion in Rajasthan is Hinduism.very affordable prices. 12. 22 escape to the Tranquility 13. classic palace heritage fortprivate safari Dalel Niwas Vijay MahalDera Talabgaon Coming Soon Launched 2011 Coming Soonbookings & enquireswelcome [email protected] + 91 9413 331 359tel + 91 1431 263 311fax + 91 1431 263 350da u s a| rajasthan| india w w w . ta l a b g a o n c a s t l e . c o m