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  • 1. Baltic Sea Author :Magdalena Toroczak

2. DimensionsThe Baltic Sea is about 1,600 km long, an average of 193 km wide, and an averageof 55 m deep. The maximum depth is459 m which is on the Swedish side of the center. The surface area is about 377,000 km and the volume is about20,000 km. The periphery amounts to about 8,000 km of coastline. 3. Countries thatborder on the sea Denmark Estonia FinlandGermany Latvia Lithuania Poland Russia Sweden 4. Danish StraitsBaltic water exchange takesplace through the so-called.Danish Straits, namely: theGreat Belt, Little Belt, the Sound,Kattegat and Skagerrak. 5. European Routeof Brick Gothic European Route of Brick Gothic is atouristic route connecting cities withBrick Gothic architecture in seven countries along the Baltic Sea:Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland,Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 6. Animals andplantsThe Baltic Sea is full of interesting animals and plants. 7. National parksIn the Baltic Sea are two national parks, namely:Sowiski and Woliski. Bothin Poland. 8. ContaminationThe Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world. 9. Thank you for watching! Regards !!!