The Baltic Sea by Paulina

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  • 1. Baltic SeaMake: Paulina pieGymnasium I b Baltic Sea

2. Baltic Sea issituated in Northern Europefrom 53Nto 66Nlatitude and from 20E to 26Elongitude.Border with Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania,Latvia Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, andDenmark. Dimensions 3. The Baltic Sea is about 1,600 km long, an averageof 193 km wide, and an average of 55 mdeep. Themaximum depth is 459 m which is on the Swedishside of the center. The surface area is about377,000 km and the volume is about 20,000 km .The periphery amount to about 8,000 km ofcoastline. Danish straits 4. Team straits and gulfs on theBaltic Sea between Jutland and ScandinavianPeninsula:SkagerrakKattegatSoundGreat BeltLittle BeltThese straits join North Sea with Baltic Sea. Theirsurface amount to 42,400 km and depth wateramount to 17 m.Animals and plants. 5. Aquatic animals in the Baltic are herrings, sprats,hakes, flukes, eels, salmons, seal, starfishes,porpoises. Plants which we meet in the Baltic Seaare algae. On the dunes we meet Eryngiummaritimum. I at the Baltic Sea 6. In this photo I am first time at the Baltic Sea. I amone year old. My mother is keeping me on herhands. I dont remember this, but I know Ihaveliked sea. Sunset 7. I like sunset. Then sun is beautiful. It looks likeflame. It is red, orange and yellow. It is magical.