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<ul><li><p>The land of mountains , Nepal, has tourism as one of the major factor affecting its</p><p>economy. The world's highest point, the mighty Mount Everest is situated in the</p><p>country which makes it a place most suitable for the adventurous tourists to</p><p>challenge the nature in her unconquerable form. This is a land of the highest</p><p>superlative, the most popular to the most secluded are situated here.</p><p>Almost more than half of the</p><p>foreign trekkers in Nepal direct</p><p>their climb towards the massif</p><p>Annapurna range. Though the</p><p>Annapurna peaks are very</p><p>dangerous to climb, the risk</p><p>takers do it all. After the</p><p>Annapurna range, it is the</p><p>Khumbu region which receives</p><p>most international visitors. There</p><p>are also other mountains which</p><p>are less loftier than the</p><p>Annapurna or the Mount Everest</p><p>but are very popular among the</p><p>international travelers.</p></li><li><p>A Trek to Everest Trek:</p><p>The Everest Trek is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Nepal , which is famous</p><p>for its fantastic mountain peaks and the beauty on the hills. Most of the places to this spot go</p><p>through ridges and trails, but you would have ample space to rest and have meal on your</p><p>way. And one of the best things about this place is that you dont have to worry about being</p><p>lost, as you can ask anybody for the next village. The people here are very friendly and offer</p><p>help and support even to strangers. The people who live here are mostly shepherds and</p><p>understand English; some even speak it fluently.</p></li><li><p>A Trek to the Island Peak:</p><p>Imja Tse, better known as the Island peak Climbing is something you should not miss if you</p><p>are in Nepal. The mountain is situated in the Eastern part of the Himalayas. This peak</p><p>generally can be the first ideal Himalayan climb. From the peak of the mountain, you can</p><p>have dramatic view of the giant Himalayan ranges, the Everest, Lhotse and Makalu. This</p><p>mountain expedition is actually a superb entry into the Himalayas. The trip generally</p><p>originates in Kathmandu and we can have the cultural glimpse of the ancient city.</p></li><li><p>Peak climbing in Nepal:</p><p>Nepal has been the focus of outstanding achievements in the world of Peak</p><p>climbing in Nepal and expeditions, with its eight peaks above 8000 meters. It has</p><p>challenged the minds and bodies of those who have dared for decades. Among the</p><p>identified 1310 peaks above 6000 meter, one quarter are officially opened for</p><p>mountaineering activities, including the 'trekking peaks'. Climbing these peaks is</p><p>the next step beyond 'simply' trekking, before scaling the 8000-meter peaks.</p><p>Most of trekking peaks</p><p>(6500m below peaks) are</p><p>listed in with Nepal</p><p>mountaineering</p><p>association, an official</p><p>mountaineering</p><p>association of the Nepal.</p><p>There are more than 20</p><p>peaks below 6500m</p><p>opened for alpine</p><p>climbing.</p></li><li><p>Nepal Holiday Trek and Expedition Pvt.Ltd</p><p></p><p>P.O Box No: 23178, Thamel - 29, Kathmandu </p><p>Nepal</p><p>+ 977 1 4414328</p><p>+ 977 98510 03754</p></li></ul>