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Things to do in Downtown Denver, CO

Things to do in Downtown Denver, COBrought to you by and their Denver Vacation Rentals

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt AdventureJoin over 75 thousand people who have tried the Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure. Mixing the thrill of the popular television show, the Amazing Race, and a city-wide three-hour tour makes this scavenger hunt a must-do on any vacationers list. Participants will solve clues and view overlooked spots of the Mile High City, while learning a bit about its history as well. The Amazing Scavenger Hunt is available everyday, during the hours the sun is up, and is guided by any smartphone.

AmtrakAll aboard for the most scenic train route in the United States! Amtrak serves Denver with the California Zephyr to cities like Salt Lake City, Reno, Omaha, Chicago, and San Francisco. If you miss the train, the Amtrak Thruway Bus services Denver to Amtraks Southwest Chief rail services, to venture to towns like Flagstaff, Albuquerque, and the Grand Canyon.

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water ParkComplete with rides and a water park, Elitch is your place for fun in Denver. Join Elitch during the summer to have dive-in movies, a movie experience near the pools. Come by on selected Thursdays to participate in a special theme. Stop by the arcade and have some video game fun. Also, dont miss the opportunity to see a concert at Elitch.

Denvers 16th Street MallDesigned by architect I.M. Pei, this massive shopping center is colored in the aspect of a diamondback rattlesnake when seen from above. With over 40 cafes, the Mall makes a fantastic place to stop by and eat or drink. Towards the south end of the mall lies the DenverPavilions, a complex with 12 movie theaters and more than 25 shops and restaurants. The north end of the mall has a pedestrian path that allows travel over 3 bridges and connects the Mall with another neighborhood of restaurants and pubs. If you are concerned on how you will be able to reach both ends in one day, the mall offers a free shuttle bus service travels up and down 16th Street and stops on every corner. Once dark, horse-drawn carriages and pedi-cabs take the street while nearly a million lights decorating over 200 trees illuminate this part of the city.

Downtown AquariumBeing in the middle of the United States doesnt stop Denver from having over 15 thousand fish, mammals, and plants in one awesome aquarium. If fish isnt enough for you, then see the Sumatran Tigers, who have their very own exhibit because of how much they love to swim. If youre like the Sumutran Tigers and want to swim, too, the aquarium offers a Swim with the Fishes and Dive with the sharks program, where guests can swim along-side animals in certain attractions, such as the Sand Tiger Sharks, Moray Eels, and Green Sea Turtles.