Top 5 Secret Beaches in Bali

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Find the Top 5 Secret Beaches in Bali. The best beaches in Bali are mostly located in the southern tip of the island. Here we share with you Bali's 5 'hidden' beaches that we have discovered so far.

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  • 1.Bali - Probably the Most Famous Island in Indonesia

2. Balangan Beach: The agenda at Balangan is simple: surf, go swimming, build intricate sandcastles and laze about in a hammock watching the surfers, young and old, catch the waves. 3. Geger Beach: For sun seekers dismayed by some of Balis rougher waters, this is a beach you can actually swim in. 4. Bias Tugal: Referred to as Pantai Kecil (Little Beach), this spot is often deserted, except for the odd adventurous tourist and a couple of the warung vendors. 5. Ungasan: This strip of beach situated on the southern most point of Bali is quite possibly the islands prettiest. 6. Amed: Those who venture up to Amed are usually keen to get in some quality diving as there are a number of wrecks located at nearby Lipah Beach and Tulamben. 7. For Any Package Related Queries: 011 45566651 Click here for more details about International Holiday Packages