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2. MEANING: Travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. Involves temporary, short term movement of people- to destination place from their residence. 3. India ranked among the top 10 tourist destinations of the world. Large no. of domestic & foreign tourists visit every year. - more than 17.9 million annual foreign tourists & 740million domestic tourism visits. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat & Kerala are top tourist places in India. 4. 2nd highest foreign exchange earner for India. Contributes around 5.9% of countrys GDP. Good source of employment - around 41.8 million people are employed. Online tourism getting famous- accounted a turnover of over 800 million. 5. HISTORY TOURISM ADVENTURE TOURISM MEDICAL TOURISM ECO TOURISM 6. CULTURAL TOURISM RURAL TOURISM PILGRIMAGE TOURISM BEACH TOURISM 7. More disposable income in the hands of middle class. Concept of holiday is gaining popularity. Aggressive advertising campaigns like Incredible India by tourism ministry of India. Easily accesable tourist packages by tourist companies. 8. TAJ MAHAL AGRA. MOUNTAINS IN HIMALAYA. BANK OF RIVER GANGA VARANASI. JAISALMER IN RAJASTHAN. PALOLEM IN GOA. GOLDEN TEMPLE AMRITSAR. AJANTA CAVES MAHARASHTRA. 9. Generation of income & employment opportunities. Source of foreign exchange earnings. Preservation of national heritage & environment. Development of infrastructure. Inter regional interaction. 10. Improper communication system to interior & remote places. Economical exploitation of tourists. Pollution problem. Poor hygienic conditions Security problems. 11. In 2002, Govt. announced a New Tourist Policy of 7S mantras:- Swaagat (Welcome) Soochanaa (Information) Suvidha (Facilitation) Suraksha (Security) Sahyog (Co-operation) Sanrachnaa (Infrastructure) Safaai (Cleanliness) 12. INCREDIBLE INDIA Under this program, the govt. creates, promotes India through various integrated marketing programs. ATITHI DEVO BHAVA Under this program, the govt. creates awareness among Indian people who come in contact with the tourists. Various infrastructure building initiatives. 13. Expected to grow by 8.2% by 2019. To be 2nd largest employer in the world. To become the 5th fastest growing business travel destination. 14. Very immense effect. Sectors like horticulture, poultry, handicraft & construction-benefitted immensly. Provide indirect employment to million of people through linkages with other sectors.