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  • TRR Talk: Spotlight on TRR Participants

  • John Vann

    Joined Air Force after September 11th

    Injuries during third tour in Iraq Unable to hold job Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky


  • TRR challenges me physically, and gives me more reasons to stick to my therapy. It gives me something to look forward to and it gives me confidence in myself..TRR has truly helped me with my recovery!

    -John Vann, U.S. Army, Ret.

  • Simon Jackson Training in Germany Freak accident Spine operation T-11 incomplete Paraplegic Reclusive hermit San Diego Team River Runner

  • Now I look at everything in my life my transfers, travel time, pain as points that are continually adding up trying to keep me from enjoying life, sometimes they succeed, but when they dont, I damn sure take advantage of it and enjoy it the best I can.

    -Simon Jackson, Ret.

  • Upcoming Events San Juan Womens Trip: May 18


    TRR Rendezvous: June 6 9 Grand Canyon Leadership Clinic:

    August 8 20

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