Turkey Tours - Best Things You Can Bring Home

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The Best collection of items that can be brought back home from a Turkey Visit.


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2. Pottery & Ceramics These arts thrived under the Ottomans, whoseskilled craftsmen perfected the coral red and cobaltblue of the Iznik tile. No one has ever been able to reproduce theintensity of these colors, until now. The main genuine proliferations leave the IznikFoundation's workshop and showroom in Iznik,which has an extension in Istanbul. 3. Ceramics 4. Turkish Textiles I bet you didn't realize it, butTurkey exports a huge amountof textiles, supplying the rawmaterials for well-knownretailers such as OP, CalvinKlein, etc. Many Istanbul residents headto one of these towns to stockup on plush towels and terry-clothrobes. 5. Copper Work Turks use copper foreverything, probably becauseit looks so good (particularlythe white copper). Tea servers with triangularhandles pass you by countlesstimes a day; the wide copperplatters that double as tablesrepresent typical Turkish style. 6. Gold & Silver The price by weight is thesame, but with labor so cheap,you're bound to get a deal. Shopping thoroughfares glitterwith the stuff - some of itattractive, some of it hideous. 7. Foodstuffs The exoticism of the East is infull bloom atIstanbul's Egyptian SpiceBazaar, where you can find adizzying assortment of spices,dried fruits and nuttyconcoctions. The smoothest and mostdelicious of the householdbrands is bottled by Komili. 8. Ottoman Books & Rare Prints The Ottomans were masters ofcalligraphy, embellishing thepage with dust from sapphires,lapis lazuli, gold, and othergems. Miniatures generally representscenes from the life of a sultanand his family, with colorfulshades to give the page life. 9. Meerschaum Pipes Carved from the magnesiumsilicate found primarily inEskisehir, these ivory-coloredpipes are hollowed out andpolished to mimic playful orgrotesque images. The pipes are sold in mostsouvenir shops and make fun,frolicsome showpieces 10. Plan a turkey tours to this country and live some momentsthat gonna last for ever in your memory.