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<ol><li> 1. If you have already read our last two posts of thisseries, we welcome you to the third and last part ofyour checklist before leaving for Lagos. In this post wewill discuss some more pain points you need to keep acheck on. The purpose we have compiled this checklist is just to keep you away from all sort of troublesand its not because Lagos is a real danger for you, thetravelling checklist is quite important regardless ofwhich part of the world you are travelling to. </li><li> 2. You dont need to be surprise because Lagos and even wholeNigeria is very famous for their scams and frauds such as jobfrauds, investment scams, Insurance frauds and bank scams.Beware of such scams and pay full attention to details if anysuch thing is offered to you. You might emails from differentcompanies regarding job opportunity and asking for someprocessing fee, you will be promised a guaranteed jobapplication with highly lucrative salary and other benefits butbe double sure, and do some research on the offeringbecause Nigeria does not have that strong economic status. You may get emails from different sources about investmentplans with high return on investments and partnership dealswith organizations. Credit scams are the most common andeasy targeting in Lagos and we have already discussed that inour previous episode of this series. </li><li> 3. When it comes to social security Lagos does not have a good reputation for that. Riots &amp;violence can erupt anytime and anywhere. If you have some local friends then do ask themabout the areas to avoid because of bad law &amp; order situation. As a security precaution,keep the doors and windows of your car and home locked. And as we mentioned in ourprevious post that do make some local friends because in case of any panic situation yourlocal friend can take you to a secure place nearby, else you may lost your way in finding asafe place when riots erupt. As we are done with our security checklist for your stay at Lagos, it does not mean that youshould not travel to Lagos, the only purpose to provide you with this checklist is to assistyou in taking safety precautions to avoid any inconvenience while your trip to Lagos. Nigeria really has some real cool places to visit and can take your adventure to next level,all you need is a proper planning for all the days you are willing to spend there. So, are you ready for your trip to Lagos? Then what you are waiting for, do look for somecheap flights to Lagos, choose the best one and get your tickets to Lagos reserved. Have asafe journey and nice trip. Dont forget to add your comments if you have already visitedLagos, let us know with your experience at Lagos. </li></ol>