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Ubicabs online taxi booking platform including apps

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How ubiCabs provides customers a taxi booking platform. Service provided to fixed fare or metered taxis whether on websites, native apps (iPhone and Android), mobile web apps, call centre apps.

Text of Ubicabs online taxi booking platform including apps

  • 1.CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL A presentation from Integrated taxi & private hire online booking platform July 2013

2. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Update on ubiCabs The platform Proposition Summary 3. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL UK taxi market is worth 5 billion a year Taxis are a mass consumer service, similar to supermarkets, mortgages and of course mobile networks. Currently 18 million taxi bookings/year at Tesco serviced by 800 towns across the UK, 1,500 cab companies, totalling 85,000 taxis. Addison Lee has been bought for 350 million. There is opportunity to change the business by owning the consumer. Taxi Business some background 4. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL ubiCabs wants to be the leading consumer and corporate facing taxi booking solution Focused on increasing bookings for our customers, through superb User Experience and Design Focused on increasing bookings through understanding user experience through analytics and conversion analysis ubiCabs will continuously improve its app products and enable our customers to receive bookings Future Proof Technology: Web based Open Source technology, RESTful APIs and personalised configuration The service would be available to corporate customers booking cab journeys on the web, via mobile native apps or mobile web apps The ubiCabs service is white-labelled, it would totally integrate into the customerss brand. The proposition 5. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL A global distribution system for car servicesGlobalDistributionSystems $268Btravelsales(2008) OnlineTravel Travel Agencies Corporates Travel Suppliers Travel Bookers 11/10/2013 Confidential 5 Local trips/companies 6. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL ubiCabs Timeline Summer 2010 Founded as an LBS start-up 2011 Technology & cab network created, product in BETA Spring 2012: B2C product launched in London Autumn 2012 Platform extended to other publishers with white labelled solutions Winter 2012 B2B offering live; UK roll-out, international pilots and 3rd party publisher deals agreed January 2013 All 3rd party apps begin to go live & more deals enter the pipeline 7. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Basic flow synoptic Online Booking or APP Cab company sets pricing and service area in extranet. Cab companies notified there is a booking. (eg. 5) Cab fulfils booking. 8. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Platform overview customers mobile app or site customers network? xyz website CabCo1 Cab custom ers CabCo3 National Network abc contract customer customers App user xyz customer Affiliate / Publisher commission Platform commission Supply commission ubiCabs Fulfilment network ubiCabs or Other party COMMISSIONS SPLITPLAYERS CUSTOMERPLATFORMCOVERAGE ubiCabs network Other network CabCo Other website Other customer 9. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Product lines B2C ubiCabs Web iPhone and Android Mobile web apps B2B2C White labeled (powered by ubiCabs) 3rd party websites (publishers) 3rd Party apps 3rd Party Call centre B2B White labeled Taxi Industry Apps and Web Bookers Drivers App 3rd party booker Corporate 10. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Products Native Apps Android and iPhone Desktop Booker website widget Mobile Web App HTML 5 on mobile browser including: Chrome, safari, IE Windows/ Nokia Phones Blackberry Phones Call Centre Booker Corporate Booker 11. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL APPS and Website booker Mobile Web App HTML5 Website booker 12. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Native Apps Native Android and iPhone Apps 13. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL ubiCabs is partnering up with 118118 to provide taxi transfer bookings across the UK Convert directory calls to digital customers Turn directory call centre enquiries into long term online taxi bookers. Earn revenue based on bookings Add 118 enhanced taxi listings (Advertisers) onto the platform creating a a 118 cab network and add new revenues 118118 Case Study 14. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL App experience 1. BOOKING Enter Address (from & to) & Time of booking 6. RATE Customers rate their journey for quality control 5. RECEIPT Customers receive a PDF receipt 2. QUOTE & BOOK Customer gets a quote (when applicable) and selected payment type (Card or Cash) 3. DRIVER TRACKING Customers can track their drivers coming to pick them up 4. PAYMENTS Customers easily pay by credit card or cash directly - (Works with Taxi Cos Merchant account) 15. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL UK #1 phone based directory UK #1 taxi network White labelled solutions for partners 16. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL iPhone and Android App Includes 118 customer Referral System 17. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL User refers a friend and gets 5 referral credit when friend books. On referral , the friend get 5 credit on first booking. The user gets a token everytime friend books eg 1 The user can user one token per booking moving forward in time. Logic Image The 118 referral scheme. 18. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Give the choice to the users Vehicles Service levels Website Integration using ubiCabs Booking Widget Offer point to point car services nationwide 19. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Branded according to customers requirements Fast implementation time Best in class app If a car company cannot pick up booking, it can be passed on to others in the network Potential Product Features for customers 20. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Integration possible Instant quote Driver location Real-time update of price, car availability & locations as well as customer profile. Dispatch Customer picked up by Driver DISPATCH SYSTM Car company data system, or ubiCabs cloud based data system In car terminal / PDA 21. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Everything is already built, its a quick win Its an additional revenue stream for customers It will enhance customer experience and convenience Its possible via apps (Android or iPhone) as well as website integration Corporate taxi services bundled into customers business . Benefits of adding an NCC app 22. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL customers has a great brand with millions of consumers ubiCabs would like to work together for providing taxi transfers nationwide ubiCabs has a great website cab booker, which can be rebranded ubiCabs has fabulous apps which customers can rebrand ubiCabs takes care of app maintenance and the App would be very quick to market customers can earn from this new revenue stream customers as well as having another product to sell, it can provide its Corporate customers with a branded app ubiCabs can increase the booking channels for customers with any type of solution, including kiosks and integration with external sites Summary 23. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Thank you for your attention, for further information. Email: [email protected] Mobile: 07790 391118 Appendices in the next slides Next Steps 24. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Other products: Call Centre booker Web based application for a call centre booker user, placing bookings for other people This is especially targeted at corporate clients and call centres. The application uses the most recent design patterns to be responsive and be usable on desktop clients as well as tablet (iPad, Android) 25. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Customer profiling: Passenger Rule Base Passenger must use one type of vehicle (car) at a certain time of day. E.g after 9pm. Reporting Analyse corporate usage and reduce cost through changing rule base policy. Via Points Multiple bookings Corporate Booker 26. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL NFC placed in Poster detailing cabs from club or Bar. Place phone on Poster. Phone re-populates bar pick-up address. Quick booking NFC Booker Walkabout Pubs 27. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Works on iPhone and Android phones Is available for free in the app store Enables real time tracking and dispatch of jobs . Other products: drivers app (Android or iPhone) 28. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Technology: application architecture Booking server Pricing, availabilities, commissions, etc. Shared services Scheduling, Messaging and notifications, E- payments Integration layer All solutions are white labeled and will be adapted for corporate accounts Mobile apps iPhone, Android, HTML5 mobile web Desktop web widgets Consumer and corporate solutions Operator console Orders, pricing, resources, reports Drivers server Management and tracking server External FMS DA, Diplomat, ThinkFleet Drivers devices iPhone and Android drivers applications More to come, such as: bb app, kiosks, travel agent booker, etc. CLOUDBASED PLATFORM BOOKING SOLUTIONS SUPPLY SOLUTIONS Solutions built by external developers using our platform APIs Back office Monitoring, e- commerce, configuration 29. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL E-COMMERCE PAPERLESS RECEIPTS Technology: rich solution via integrations EMAILS PUSH NOTIFICATIONS MAPS & ADDRESSES CLOUD PLATFORM SMS

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