Week 12 - Class 2 - Making Plans - Giving Directions

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  • 1. Week 12 - Class 2 - Making Plans - Giving DirectionsFor this example, we are going to start from Seoul Station. (If you want, youcan even try giving directions from Soongsil University)A: Hi, Ju Young, how its going?B: Pretty good and you?A: Ya, not bad. Hey Im wondering if you would like to do something thisweekend, say around 7:30?B: Sure, How about going out for dinner. I know a good Restaurant inItaetwon, its called Mai Tai China, its really good.A: Sounds great! Can you tell how to get there?B: From Seoul Station, take the orange line and change at Samgachi andget out at Itaetwon station. From Exit 1.A: Okay, got it, see you there!Now, practice with your partner. Take turns asking each other to do things,and then give the directions to that place.