A15 christmas decorations

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A15 Christmas/Winter Decorations

A15 Christmas/Winter Decorations from Chryseleousa Primary School K.BMaths in ArtThe action has received funding from the European EunionThis presentation reflects only the authors view.The Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains

Observing microscope photographs of snowflakes and finding symmetry axes

Designing a random pattern inside a triangle and reproducing it.

Composing 12 triangles to replicate the shape and symmetry of a snowflake

Making it snow in our yard

Fold and cut out shapes to create a snowflake inspired designs.

Using a protractor to estimate the angle and fold a piece of paper aiming to create 6 axes of symmetry.

Folding used wrapping paper and creating symmetrical Christmas designs. Inspired by Polish folk designs and the cutout technique.