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AS Coursework

Re-EvaluationAS Coursework

For our AS coursework we had to create a title sequence for either the thriller or horror genre.My group chose the thriller genre because the ideas we already had suited that genre more.As the production went along we started to incorporate elements of the horror genre to make the sequence more ominous.We came up with a basic plot that a man would go into the woods in search of a rumored killer but would end up being followed by the very person he was looking for.We added an aspect of supernatural thriller at the end of the sequence by having the person he was looking for be a doppelganger of himself.Incognito

Overall I think the sequence came out looking how we wanted it to.The plot was interesting but wasnt too complex.We built tension well throughout the sequence through use of different camera angles e.g. POV and through use of soundtracks.The sequence ends on a cliff hanger as it would then transition into the rest of the film where the viewer would learn more about the plot, therefore making it an effective title sequence.I experimented in editing with a new style of transition that ended up being some peoples favorite part.We met our deadlines.What We did well

The name Incognito was a mistake, at the time it was good because our initial idea was to have someone with an underlying personality that was evil. We had been using the name for so long that we decided to keep it but now all it does is make people think of those browser tabs.Filming days werent the best either, we usually didnt have the full group there and we often ran out of time before we could finish, this would mean we would have to do more days of filming than we needed.The length of the full sequence was originally somewhere around 3 minutes. Cutting this down was extremely difficult and looking back at the 2 minute version, Ive noticed how rushed it feels.Sound was our biggest issue, we had borrowed a professional microphone from the school but it turned out that the only thing we were given was the casing for a microphone. We didnt have enough time to get another one so we filmed with the inbuilt microphone and the audio came out sounding bad. I had to edit in all the sound for the sequence and because of this the audio is less immersive than we had first hoped it would be.What we did wrong

Microphone I will make sure that I get a microphone that actually works this time but if I cant get one then I will make sure that I make the edited sound more authentic or maybe use foley. I could also do things during filming to help the audio e.g. shield the mic from wind.Make sure I have a lot of time to film I dont want to rush any part of filming this year so if I get an actor I need to make sure they are available for the amount of time I need them to be.Different shot types I want to make more use of push-in shots as well as use a stabilizer in any shots that require a lot of movement.I have 5 minutes to fill this year and I dont want the sequence to be dull or dragged out just to fill that time frame. At the same time I dont want to go over like I did last year so I will need to make sure my shot list adds up to within 10 seconds of the 5 minute mark.How I will improve