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Authentic woodblock printing artwork

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  1. 1. Welcome To Woodblock Prints World
  2. 2. Authentic and Classic Japanese Woodblock Prints for Sale Do you have an urge to renovate your decor with exclusive and authentic collection? Then adding classic Japanese woodblock prints can enhance aesthetics of the decor at same time reflecting your posh side. Woodblock prints done by famous and renowned Japanese artists is a technique known for its use in the Ukiyo-e artist genre. Water based inks used in Japanese woodblock prints provide a wide range of vivid colors, glazes and transparency. Japanese woodblock prints known as Ukiyo-e emerged in late sixteenth century that generally depicted scenes of everyday life.
  3. 3. Three stage processes was required to make these antique Japanese woodblock prints that involved: Designing the painting with ink. The design is then carved onto wooden blocks. Colored ink is applied to the wooden blocks, after which paper sheets are pressed on them to get the design print. Process of entire woodblock printing required a lot of work, which eventually made it a valuable and worth art piece for a great collection.
  4. 4. Most found subjects or themes in a Japanese woodblock prints were female beauties (bijin-ga), kabuki actors (yakusha-e) and landscapes. The pictures of women depicted in a Japanese woodblock print were based on courtesans and geisha at leisure. Kabuki actors depicted in these prints were seen performing on a theatre promoting entertainment. Whereas landscapes in a Japanese woodblock prints have an essence of soulfully beautiful nature of Japan where the Japanese woodblock artist have closely studied the correct forms and anatomy of each object or character after which depicted them; thus resulting in a fine artwork.
  5. 5. Kawase Hasui, one of the most renowned Japanese woodblock printing artists mainly concentrated on depicting actors, everyday lifestyle and amazing landscapes of nature in his woodblock prints. Many of Kawase Hasui woodblock prints are exclusively on landscape and townscape that was inspired by his travel around Japan. Kawase Hasui prints featuring serene locales as well as a tranquil and urbanizing Japan will mesmerize you.
  6. 6. Getting an exclusive and authentic piece of artwork from a wide collection of Japanese woodblock print will not only enhance your dcors aesthetic look but also give a touch of elegance, which will leave the visitors jealous. So, visit today online gallery of Woodblock Prints World that displays original Japanese woodblock prints, which are lifetime edition without having re-prints. At our online gallery you will get best and classic Japanese woodblock print art work at a great price.
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