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THE BASICS OF BETTER TRAVEL PHOTOS Mary Fiore Photographer and Painter Fundamentals of Design Instructor Fioreart.com Wanderplex Wanderplex.com Cruising and Photography Contributor

Basics of Taking Better Travel Photos

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  1. 1. Mary FiorePhotographer and PainterFundamentals of Design InstructorFioreart.comWanderplexWanderplex.comCruising and Photography Contributor
  2. 2. Included are introductions to the following topicswhich are covered in more depth in these additionalpresentations: Getting the Most out of Your Camera Composing Better Travel Photos Capturing a Travel Destination Managing & Sharing Your Travel Photos Photo Editing: Where the Magic Happens
  3. 3. - Determine what you want to shoot - Create an opportunity - Be ready - Be mindful of light and composition - Work the subject - Organize, retrieve, edit and share your photos
  4. 4. - Dont just point at whatever you see - What impresses you about a location? - Which subjects are you drawn to? - Do you like to photograph people, churches,landscapes, beaches, etc.?
  5. 5. I would not have been able to capture this aerial view of the beach from thehills of Mt. Marangui, New Zealand if I had not been prepared to take thepath and climb to the top.
  6. 6. Biking on Bora Bora An Alley in France
  7. 7. Ask permission if are working in close or singling someone out.
  8. 8. Being engaging andrespectful can lead togood photo opportunities
  9. 9. Ships tours On foot Public transportation Private cab Rental car Bike
  10. 10. Cab drivers can offer escorted tours of areas not accessible to tourists.
  11. 11. In the hills of DominicaBiking around Bora Bora brought meto a breadfruit tree.
  12. 12. Buy from street and market vendors.Then ask permission tophotograph.
  13. 13. Have your camera outor within quick reachfor spontaneous shots
  14. 14. Bring with you: - Camera with memory card and charged battery - ID, money, batteries - Ships newsletter with contact information, locationand time of departure. - Plastic bag - Easily accessible camera case or backpack - Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  15. 15. Dare to go beyond point and shoot Use your cameras features to improve onautomatic settings Understand how your camera processeslight Practice ahead of time in special lightingor focus situations
  16. 16. Portrait: blurs the backgroundLandscape: keeps everything in focusClose up: better focus up closeSports: freezes action
  17. 17. Moai, carved by the Rapa Nui on Easter Island
  18. 18. Dont settle for you first shot; go for 5-50.Make sure you have many to choose from.
  19. 19. Walk around the subject. Try different viewpoints and angles.
  20. 20. Get distance shots and close ups Try morning and late afternoon.
  21. 21. Include people for scale
  22. 22. Try to strike abalance between apicture of themand a picture ofthe place.
  23. 23. Avoid the traditional stand in a line with a landscape in the backgroundapproach.
  24. 24. Try for informalphotographs of groupscentered on activities.
  25. 25. We get a sense of how massive andancient the Roman Coliseum is in thecontext of Modern Rome. The lightpost frames the left side.Placed in the center, theColiseum appears grandand strong.
  26. 26. This would be a stronger photo if the sphinx and the couplewere both facing into rather than out of the photo.Walking around to the right would have accomplished this
  27. 27. This has a better backgroundand placement of the ship.The ship is sailing out of thephoto.
  28. 28. - Uneven number ofsubjects - They are lookinginto the photo - Non distractingbackground
  29. 29. Let the viewers eyes travel to the subject. Include someone in the context of the travel destination.
  30. 30. A different angle and enhanced color allows the viewer to travel to thesubject and appreciate the color and texture.
  31. 31. Mentally draw two horizontal and vertical lines.Place your subject at an intersection.
  32. 32. The subject is looking intothe photo The background addstexture, is non distractingand creates a sense ofplacePhoto Editing
  33. 33. - Walk around the subject - Try different backgrounds - Even, non distractingbackgrounds work well- Try for even lighting in theforeground and soft, evenlighting in the background
  34. 34. This composition has good movement and flow. The trees and skyhelp create the atmosphere.
  35. 35. The line of the roof leadsthe viewer from right to leftdiagonally then down tothe menu which is notlegible.
  36. 36. The menu does not add tothe composition so it iseliminated. The viewers eyes travelacross and down and thenleaves the photo along withthe seated figures gaze.
  37. 37. Now the lines leaddiagonally across fromright to left, down thenacross the bottom to thefigure. She brings us back intothe photo with her bodyposition. The viewers stays in thephoto longer.
  38. 38. Try different zoom settings. Frame the photo with its surroundings
  39. 39. A little cropping improves this photo
  40. 40. Barcelonas legal graffiti walls
  41. 41. Its art and architecture
  42. 42. Its accessible public markets
  43. 43. This can be easily done in photo editing software
  44. 44. Cropping and use of flash can have a dramatic effect
  45. 45. 1. Point your camera so that thestrong light is not in theviewfinder. 2. Hold the shutter button halfway down to meter the light.3. Recompose and continue pressingthe shutter all the way down to takethe picture and lock in the exposure.
  46. 46. Cropping created abetter placement forthe girl in purpleand put emphasis onthe ring ofclassmates.
  47. 47. Bracketing creates 3versions: slightlyover exposed,averaged and underexposed versions.Working with Light
  48. 48. This allows you to choosethe best exposure indifficult light situations. It provides options forcombining foregroundsand backgrounds in photoediting software.
  49. 49. Underexposed tree Overexposed background
  50. 50. Layer the two photos using photo editing software.Delete the underexposed tree revealing the well exposed tree below.
  51. 51. Clean equipment Charge batteries Transfer files Erase memory card Organize files
  52. 52. Cruise Continent, country, city Transatlantic Tampa toLondon 5/2014 Ireland Cork Dublin Belgium Zeebrugge Brussel Europe Ireland Cork Dublin Belgium Zeebrugge Brussels Bruges CruiseRenameOrganizeUse alternative file formatsShare via web and print
  53. 53. See additional follow up presentations on: Composing Better Travel Photos Capturing a Travel Destination Getting the Most Out of Your Camera Managing & Sharing Your Travel Photos Photo Editing: Where the Magic Happens
  54. 54. Regardless of your device Light Focus Composition Retrieval
  55. 55. http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-tips/travel-photography-tips/#page=3