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  • 1. Camera Work By Matthew Partlett & Noriane Atahy

2. Introduction In Lesson we wrote a story board of a simple scene walking to the door, we drew a storyboard to help plan our frames and took our pictures once our storyboard was completed.Storyboards are used to plan a scene so that the crew can all see the same concept and to display the different camera shots. 3. Our first ShotThe Shot This is our first Shot. It is a mid shot of Noriane packing away her school equipment. This is effective because it shows the subject who takes up 1 third of the frame enabling the audience to see her surroundings in the other 2 thirds.Improvements Improvements I would make is to have the shot cut off at Norianes right shoulder, I would do this so that she is directly at the end of the shot so everything doesnt look so squashed. 4. Second shot This I our second shot it is a close up of Norianes hand opening the door. This emphasises the hands importance within the frame because the hand takes up over a third of the frame and is also central to the frame.Improvements Things I would improve is rolling up the blind so that there isnt a third of the shot justblank. 5. Third Shot This is our third shot it is a lowAngle shot this emphasises Norianes power within the shotthis is also shown because she isthe only object within the frame.Improvements I would improve this shot by having Noriane more central to the frame also I mighttake the picture with her walking towards the camera. 6. Fourth shotThis is an over the shoulder shot ofNoriane getting out of the Building. This is effective because it showsthe outside of the building whichSuggests that Noriane, who takes up 1 third of the shot, is closer to reaching her goal.Improvements What I would improve is having Noriane turn her head to the side so that we can seeher facial expression and also pick a setting where there is more going on. 7. Fifth shot This is a high angle shot of Noriane walking away from the building thiscontrasts with the low angle shot toShow that although she had powerBefore she is losing it because timeIs going by. Improvements One thing I would improve is to use high key lighting within this shot to illuminateNoriane and show that she is still significant even though she is losing power. 8. Sixth shot This is a Mid shot of Noriane gettingher bag caught in the bushes. This isA good shot to use because it showseverything that is important to thescene, the effect of this is to showNoriane struggling to get to her nextclass. 9. Seventh shot This is a high angle close up ofNoriane picking up her thingsafter she drops her bag the effectof this is to show how unlucky Noriane is and how time is wasting. 10. Eighth shotThis is an extreme close up of Norianes watch, this is used tosuggest that Noriane is late to hernext lesson. 11. Ninth shot This is another extreme close up of Norianes eye this shows her fear at being late to lesson, we decided on this show because aclose up of en eye would be effectiveas a way of expressing emotion. 12. Tenth shot This is a long shot of Norianerunning to her next lesson. Wechose too shoot while Noriane was running so that it would be a shotinvolving movement and to suggestthat Norianes journey is coming toan end. 13. Eleventh shot This is a close up of Norianes hand, this is used to representthe end of her journey, wechose to use a close up to putemphasis on the door.