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  • 1. Colonial Portraits

2. Purposes for a Portriat Portraits showed status- only the wealthy could afford them. Portraits were also a way of sending messages about yourself Portraits were sometimes wish fulfillment.-imagining yourself as wealthier or more important than you were. 3. The Picture didnt Always show reality. 4. Nathaniel Sparhawk Wealthy merchant Red velvet suit = money and power Background = Greek statues, columns, large estate 5. Ann Tyng Landscape background Silk dress, bows, all point to wealth 6. John Hancock Seated at desk Writing in ledger Engaged in trade Chair, suit and ledger demonstrate money, power 7. Mercy Otis Warren Lace cap and decoration Gardening a womans pursuit if she has time and money 8. Mary and Elizabeth Royall Young sisters Wealth demonstrated by fabrics of dresses Children dressed as copies of adults 9. Henry Pelham (Boy with Squirrel) Boy dressed in suit and jacket, like adult Sheen of mahogany Reflections in tabletop Water in glass These were all marks of strong artist 10. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Winslow Couple seated together almost modern faces Seem modest but fabric shows their wealth Printed fabric Lace Mahogany table Richness of mans clothes 11. The Copley Family 12. Olaudah Equiano 13. The Artist in his Museum Revolutionary War hero Surgeon, wealthy Philadelphian Museum with collection of curiousities Dinosaur bones Skeletons fossils 14. Samuel Adams Somber background Adams is the focus His focus is where his finger points Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter 15. John Winthrop Congregational minister Astronomer Shown with his telescope and record of his journey to observe stars and planets 16. Paul Revere Silversmith, artisan In his shirtsleeves Holding his craft, tools on table Shirt is high-quality linen Table is mahogany An artisan who has a high social position 17. A Guide to Mens Clothing Waistcoat Long ShirtBritchesLong socks 18. A Guide to Womens ClothingMop Cap Or BonnetBodiceBlouse ApronSkirt