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ISLANDS OF AWEONE SPARK BERLIN 2014Digital storytelling for kids and everybody young at heart

PROJECT DESCRIPTIONISLANDS OF AWE is a website for kids, parents and all story lovers. These are some examples of the crazy monsters, awesome superheroes and magic islands that will populate the screen.


PROJECT DESCRIPTIONA superhero will travel from island to island and meet all sorts of monsters and friends. They are reinterpretations of archetypal story characters, which allows for recognition and stimulates the fantasy of the viewer. The imagery is made up of still images and short animations without text to allow the viewer to fill in parts of the story and stimulate her/his imagination.The sequence of the islands will be different every visit, so that each time a new story can be experienced with familiar characters.

WHY THIS PROJECTThis project promotes an interactive way of storytelling: Islands of Awe means to set the stage, allowing the imagination of the viewer to co-create.Co-creation, user generated content, is more than ever part of the world we live in (Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.).Story telling is an important way of communicating. It's what brings people together, allows to share values, ideas and information.It helps parents and kids to create stories of their own that they share exclusively through their imagination. This project stimulates creative thinking and freedom of expression, imagination without boundaries, mind mapping, improvising.It is an artistic approach to visual storytelling and allows children an alternate view of how stories are told and characters created.The authors are all established professionals in their respective fields, with extensive experience in creating multi media projects.

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DOa Swiss photographer michaelsieber.coman American composer and musician ericnotasound.tumblr.coman Italian architect living gg-loop.coma German artist annikakappner.coman Italian illustrator and animator amaliaillustrazioni.blogspot.ita a Dutch Carribean graphic designer

We live in Berlin, Thun CH, Amsterdam, the South of Italy and in Lima, Peru. We got together to bring fantasy and imagination back to live and particularly to the screens of i-pads, laptops and the hearts of kids and their parents. And we are having a lot of fun inventing the stories and the magic we dreamt of as kids.

FUNDINGWe developed the concept, a story board and produced part of the content to create a story online.Now we need to finalize the content which means construction of additional islands, shootings, assembling the input, making animations, composing of soundtracks.Then a programmer will put everything together and meanwhile we will be promoting Islands of Awe online and look for additional sponsoring.For all this our budget is 24.000 [content production (travel costs, material, shootings, animations, rent) collaborators, promotion].


Eric, Amalia, Giacomo, Michl, Annika & Clovis