Photography Planning for my music magazine

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  • Introduction to Photography Planning

    I have planned to include 5 images in my music magazine.

    The front cover will include 1 image, the contents page will include 2 images, and the double page spread will include 2 images.

    I will take many more than 5 photos, so I can choose the best 5 to include in the magazine.

    This presentation includes my planning for each photo.

  • Location Planning

    There are various locations, which I have considered for taking photos for my magazine.

    My photos will be taken in random locations around York, because I do not want my photos to look like they have been taken in a college.

    If I took my photos in college they would look a lot less professional, and they would not look like they could be in a real music magazine.

    I will include at least 2 people in my photos.

  • Model Planning

    I am planning to use at least 2 different models for my magazine. If possible, I will use more.

    Each of my models will be a fake artist which I have created for my magazine.

    I will not try to recreate the looks of real artists, because it is very difficult to do this without the exact props and costumes that these real artists have. I also think that it is more creative to come up with my own artists rather than using existing ones, and it allows me to think of an interesting story about them.

  • Front Cover photography planning

    For the front cover, I am going to use one photo of one person.

    The photo on the front cover will be a photo of a fake artist that I have made up. I will use one of my friends to be this fake artist.

    All front covers are in the portrait orientation, and I want my photo to fill the entire front cover. This means that my photo must be in portrait. This is a convention of magazine front covers, which I am following.

    This picture will be a medium close up of my fake artist. This is because I do not want much of the surroundings to be in the photo. He will fill up most of the picture, and therefore, he will also fill up most of the front cover.

  • Contents page photography planning

    For the contents page, I will include two photos. The purpose of using photos in the contents page of a magazine is to showcase which artists appear in the magazine. This is what I am going to do on my contents page.

    One of the photos will be a photo of the same fake artist which I used on the front cover of this magazine.

    The second photo that I will include on the contents page will be of a second 'fake artist which I have thought of.

  • Double Page Spread photography planning For the double page spread, I will include 2 photos. The first photo will be a photo of

    one of my fake artists, Lendogg. This picture will be a long shot of Lendogg from far away. This camera distance helps show the surroundings in which he is in.

    The second photo on this page is a picture of both of my fake artists, who have met up (the story I have made up is that the two artists are meeting to discuss a possible collaboration project, this does not mean they are part of the same band).

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