Street Photography Elliott erwitt To Garry Winogrand

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Garry WinograndStreet Photography:Elliott Erwittto Garry Winograndphotography is translating the space, the photographer also lives in a moment when heclicks,hedecidesthe center and rest/other,street photographer pulls the story from a streetby a camera in fraction of a moment,because in the fraction of moment story gets change time to time.The street photographer is a poet who recites a poem by a camera,its a visual journey by lots of streetvisual with street people and their emotion.

Garry WinograndStreet photographystarted to flourish by Henry Cartier-Bresson in early 1930 to late 1950,he was a genius,spontaneous,and understood that photography needs decisive moment to survive in art history. In 1928 two master street photographer born one isElliot Erwittand another one isGarry Winogrand.They born on the same year,they took photography as a profession and both were a street photographer and both photographers dominate photography history with new york street.

Garry WinograndStreet is full of surprise but only who are blessed to see,Winograndwas a master of dark comedy in a street ,a couple holding two monkey,and they are not same,one is white and another one is color! its a full of an odd moment,Winogradshoot an enormous film in his lifetime, even he has not seen a large number of filmfound after his death was undeveloped.

Garry WinograndNo clue,someone is flying in the sky,actually falling from the sky,a masterpiece for photography history from Winograd.He was the father of snapshot aestheticsin street photography.

Elliott Erwitt, Felix Gladys Rover, USA New York, 1974, Elliot ErwittThree legs have appeared here,unbalanced reality.seems like impairment of society, in a street, there is a continuing drama runningon a stage, the photographer chooses the moment,Elliot Erwitt was passionate enough for us to get those amazing photos.

Elliot ErwittSame impairment of his subject with comedy told a social truth about society,Erwitt was disciplined photographer compared to Winograd ,in his photographs he was more conscious about exposure,and traditional compositional value.But both were flawless,breaking their limits.They have used emotion,decisive moment,surprises, and obviously transformed street to a canvas.

Elliot ErwittWe can see a smiling color kid pretending to suicide,strongstatement was provided by the photographer Erwitt, as we know the history of united states that time.

Street Photography:Elliott Erwittto Garry Winogrand Captured: A New York Minute, or One in Havana-The New York Times Snaps by Elliott Erwitt review-The Guardian No Moral, No Uplift, Just a Restless Click-The New York Times The gale force of Garry Winogrand-The Boston Globe

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