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  1. 1. Top 5 Photography Articles to Read There's a lot you can learn from reading a good photography article. You can figure out how to do a certain thing, you might find out about an awesome photographer, you could get some valuable insights about what it's like to work in the industry or you could simply have a good laugh. We've got five articles on photography that will help you learn the not so popular side to being a photographer or having one around all the time. Most of them are pretty funny with an obvious intention for humor, but they're also surprisingly true. Here they are. 41 Reasons why you shouldn't date a photographer Oh boy, this one's big! It doesn't teach you any photography tricks, but it's valuable information about how life is when you spend it with a photographer. Ah, such strange creatures! Photographers are full of surprises, some of which will either leave you shocked or blowing steam from your ears. We bet you didn't know that traveling with a photographer feels like moving, or that many of them are dangerous to themselves. And you definitely don't want them at family events. It's just better to read the full article and make sure you know what you're getting into if you've got a crush on a photographer. Read the full article here on our photography website. 13 Things you need to know about being married to a wedding photographer The outgoing, creative personality of wedding photographers is only one side of the story. The other side is something only their spouses can tell you about. Living with a wedding
  2. 2. photographer isn't easy. Many of them get into this business to have more time to spend with their families, but the ironic catch is they're gone on holidays and weekends most of the time. Being married to a wedding photographer will make you ask yourself why you couldn't just go for a landscape photographer instead. What's even more ironic is that they never seem to have a camera anywhere near when there are family events in their own family. It's an interesting read that will have you thinking twice before saying "yes". Read the full article here on our photography websie. The 19 most expensive photographs eversold This is one article that got a lot of photographers crazy. Photography is a visual art form and that means there will always be competition between photographers, regardless of what level they're at or whether they admit it or not. A lot of very talented landscape photographers were outraged when they heard the news about Peter Lik's photo, called "Phantom", became the world's most expensive photograph ever. And a lot of amateurs and pros have o idea why Andreas Gursky's work sells so well or why it is so famous. And what's up with Cindy Sherman taking all those selfies? Many photographers ask that question. Anyway, it's up to you to decide which photo is worth the money and which is an overpriced scam. Read the full article here on our photography website. 41 Reasons to date a photographer After all the irony and harsh truths from the original article, there had to be a "positive" one. Photographers are for the most part cool people. They're smart, creative and most have a sense of style. They'll be there to capture all your fun moments together and they're generally lovable people. They're very content because they do what they love for a living and they're generally very social creatures that adapt easily. Check out the full list of reasons why dating a photographer is a good idea. Read the full article here on our photography website. 6 Common filter mistakes photographers make Filters tend to be forgotten by beginners who are just learning photography and that will affect their progress. They're very important because they help the camera adapt to less than ideal conditions and they also add that extra something that makes photos look a lot better. Make sure you start using the right filters and avoid these mistakes. Read the full article here our photography website.