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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>2015-2016 AUSTRALIAN AUTOMOTIVEINDUSTRY INSIGHTS by SPARC MEDIAData collected from Pureprofile Research Panel in April 2016. n = 500</p> <p>Results through Insights</p> <p>PURCHASE DECISIONS USING ONLINE RESOURCES74% will start the search for their next car online</p> <p>of which 31% will first go to search enginesand 30% directly to car brand websites.</p> <p>Results through Insights</p> <p>BRAND LOYALTYare happy to switch brands.are loyal customers and would stick to the same brand.72%28%</p> <p>Results through Insights</p> <p>MOTIVATIONwill look for a new car in order to upgrade to a better one.only a fraction are motivated by wanting something more environmentally friendly.32%1%</p> <p>Results through Insights</p> <p>IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS WHEN LOOKING TO BUY A CARPRICE SAFETY &amp; RELIABILITY72% 29%RUNNING COSTS11%Only 4% consider brand to be the most important factor and 3% rate in-car technology as the most important.</p> <p>Results through Insights</p> <p>DISTANCE PEOPLE WILL TRAVEL IF THEY SAVED 5% ON THE PURCHASE PRICE10 km30 km50 kmMore than 50 km</p> <p>23%22%13%35%</p> <p>Results through Insights</p> <p>OPPORTUNITIESMotivationPeople are driven by the motivation to upgrade to a new car. Use this as a driver in your advertising campaigns.ReachMajority of your customers begin their search online. Reach them with Programmatic Advertising.PricePrice is a big factor in purchase decision. Target advertising around value for money.Brand LoyaltyLack of brand loyalty provides you the opportunity to persuade people to switch brands, with the right message.</p> <p>Results through Insights</p> <p>CALL US TODAY!</p> <p> 8206 8844 Suite 501-502, Lv 5 Grafton Bond Building201 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000</p> <p>Results through Insights</p>